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Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, also  The Twelve Visions Party has meant a whole new World to me. I have never thought that I would or could ever learn Integrated honesty. The Twelve Visions Party A new and more improved Government of Completely over-hauled honest Government, No matter how power-full or how much back-up Our current dishonest government (THINKS) they are. No matter how much force our current Government uses on (WETHEPEOPLE)!We do not need their dishonest, behind closed door schemes they (THINK) they can get away with or hide from (THEPEOPLE)I will not be the one to get arrested for anyone threatening me with a Gun, Like I been in this current anti-civilization! The right person will be arrested, even if their company is government controlled!.I will not have to pay corrupt COPS,JUDGES,GOVERNERS,CONGRESS,SENATORS,ATTORNEY GENERALS.I will only pay for Protection from those who insist on using force on others, because they don’t believe in their policies! I will not get a better job because I am democrat or Republican! I will get equal treatment because I am human! I will get equal treatment because Human Life and the Human (MIND) is more Precious than any Bicameral animals whose only purpose is survival living for whatever kill they can make for that day and their family. Twelve Visions Party means I get to live free, the life I was meant to live! I will be able to create (MUSIC) without end! Without having to wake up at 5:00 in the morning for some job you get paid enough just to get by until the next week! I will be able to live and prosper, and also help others become that person they are meant to be, creating (Health, Wealth, Peace) for any man ,woman, child. No matter what color or religion they may believe in. Just as long as they agree to sign a contract, agreeing to live by the Prime Law! Not using force or threat of force against any other human being! We as the (Twelve Visions Party)bringing the future to (The People)eventually curing aging and death. The (Twelve Visions Party) terrorist will not get away with the type of attack we have all seen, lived, and breathed on (September11.2001)! Twelve Visions Party means new technologies, protecting our military. Protecting and saving human life as much as possible by use of robots, machines in the battle-field making conflict shorter and without as many human casualties as possible! Twelve Visions Party means making trips to space like a ride from Disney World, for anyone wanting to make the trip! Twelve Visions Party means learning from newly discovered planets, never-ending sources of Knowledge! Twelve Visions Party means Protection Only, keeping business out of the hands of corrupt politicians stealing our tax money for those believe that Big Government is the answer to their Problems!(Mickey Baker)Twelve Visions Party wrote this letter of life on this date(3-7-2010) Twelve Visions Party is our future of Life!