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The Twelve Vision Party is the key to a wonderful world. A place where all men and women are created equal and enjoy in all the treasures in this world as it was meant to be. A place where corruption and deceit cease to exist. This world will be filled with self thinkers who will share their ideals to the point where the cost of living will no longer be a factor when buying food or getting an education. I see a world where


I think that the neothink has already become apparent  here in Cleveland ;s  counties with so many corrupt government county officials being hauled into court and convicted by the old establishment in an attemt to hide the even higher up corruption that persists still by  this move clouding the citezenry into thinking that “we are doing our job for you “while the real corruption goes on in the state and fed levels which mandated the investigations to cover their own corruption and fleecing of the American people .Example : The speaker of the house wanted to order a bigger jet so she would not have to stop and refuel .so much …….the whole of the senate  wanted to order all new fleet of planes when America is down so low as it is and to burden her more

Just some thoughts ,

Rick S


I was always disgusted with politics because I knew they were dishonest leeches as I called them. I never wanted any part of politics. But knowing what I have learned now of the elite society and the corruption of the govt & what they continue with there is no way I will sit on the sidelines. I will do what ever is necessary to awaken any one & every one I can to the truth of what is truly going on behind the scenes of the govt. No one’s dreams should be diminished by a small group like this.