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Dear Mark Hamilton, It’s “Hello Americans!” Out with the old and in with the new! Out with sickness and suffering. Out with crimes and wars! Out with poverty and sadness! Out with politics and illusions! In with the new! In with the person you was meant to be! In with living the life you was meant to live. In with feeling extraordinary! In with being young! In with the job of your dreams! In with the business of your passions! In with experiencing the love of your life! In with the body you always envied! In with becoming a genius of society! In with having everything you always wanted! In with riding a prosperity ride to riches! In with perfect health! In with the Twelve Visions Party with the Prime Law of no initiatory force. Wow! In with the protection-only-budget! Lots of regulations-gone! Lots of taxes-gone! It is time to enjoy Wealth, Health and Peace! For your answers go to Good night Americans.

Russ Creamer


Dear Mark Hamilton,

How good would it be someday to read: Poverty-Gone! Regulations-Gone! Taxes-Gone! It will only happen with the Twelve Visions Party. That is way the Twelve Visions Party means so much to me. Please go to and read this amazing information. This is Russ Creamer and I will vote for the Twelve Visions Party.


Thank you Mark Hamilton. I am so behind you 100%. I love reading and rereading your literature. The Twelve Visions Party will bring the new world in! I can hardly wait to see my friends and family happy and rich. The government have no place in business. It should be the other way around. I am sick and tired of what the government do to the people. My friends, family and myself are so ready for the change. Bring it on! I am in so much control since I have read your literature. I now have cash flow. I now have a house and new sports car. Things just keep getting easier for me. Let the new world come in! Thank you Mark Hamilton.   Russel Creamer o