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Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,

It is a pleasure to be in touch with you and to be starting my journey with you as my Mentor. I have been reading your literature for many years now and slowly trying to apply as many of the concepts of Honesty and integrated thinking as I can. The value obtained from your literature cannot be measured in dollars. It cuts to the core and the more it is applied the more the benefits become obvious. It not only provides information for one to be able to move forward but also on how to protect oneself from those that are unwilling to put in the DTC and would rather strip it from you. Miss Annabelle’s Secrets is an awesome piece of work bringing in all the emotions possible and inspiring oneself to put in the effort to make a change. Every Neothink concept is presented and can be easily visualized and applied.

It is great to see that all this literature is more than just a good read. Many people including Mark Hamilton are now marching forwards and putting things in place to make the stories a reality. The Twelve Visions Party is a mastermind concept that will draw more and more people into it as they see the benefits unfolding and begin to realize that we can change the system and that there are many courageous individuals out there doing everything in their power to make it happen and make it happen fast. In my small way I am proud to be exposed to this whole movement and will hopefully be able to have a bigger and bigger part in helping the change materialize into our new reality, into the Civilization of the Universe.

I am looking forward to more and more success and life everyday and to someday get the opportunity to meet you.

Here is to a great new world of happiness and creative power.

My warmest Regards

Eric Allart