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I am writing this to share my immense gratitude in regards to the Neothink and Twelve Visions Party. Mark Hamilton has undertaken such an amazing mission as to be compared to our founding fathers. Their idealizations were the foundations with which we, over two hundred years later, continue to reap the wonderful benefits. The continuation of the evolution of correct thinking is the hall mark of the TVP and Mark Hamilton’s attempt to bring us forward into an amazing awakening of pure, moral and correct way of existing.

I have come to realize and appreciate the vast potential of creative thinking shared by Mr. Hamilton and the founders of the TVP. To state that the individual is the most important value in this world gets my vote.

Great thinkers and teachers can be quoted over and over again stating the simple facts we must learn to evolve into an amazing race. We as individuals have only to give these some thought and come to our own conclusions and then act in accordance. The only thing difficult about doing his is putting on the thinking cap.

Please keep up the tremendous good work With all my respect and admiration,