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Hello everyone.
My name is Brenda. For many years I have played as a hairstylist. I love the actual work, but the nonsense rules designed by the authorities on how I should act, what I should say and what I should wear made it less than fun. The business was appealing for me because of the creativity and flexibility of time, but somehow I still felt stuck.

Reading the literature from the Neothink Society was a validation to what I suspected all along and gave me the stepping stones necessary to achieve my dreams. This is what I was searching for my whole life. The tools you receive help to restructure your life and turn you into a value creator.

As I implemented some of these ideas, I found resistance from some of the people I surrounded myself with. Be aware….. be ready…… for “the shift in yourself” and do not concern yourself with other peoples negative ideas or influences. You will realize your true potential and the happiness you can achieve when you discover the person you were meant to be!



My experience with Neothink Society has been incredible, It’s literature and whole information gave me  a new way to see the life ( recovery the faith on people),  and regain confident on me.  And the most important be certainty that the human being has a bright and  a wonderful future in his own hands.  Mark Hamilton’s work fulfills my expectations about the great man’s destiny.  I has been a privilege to be selected to become a member of this Society and I am eager to do my part of job to get the goals  that let us to drive the human being to that road to reach its unlimited happiness and creativity.   Thanks with all my heart for the opportunity of become a tiny piece of this supper puzzle!
Teresa G


Upon finding that I could be my own self leader & act on my own creativity was empowering to me. I wish many to find this very same thing as myself.  Everyone has been conditioned to follow & do as they were told. The mysticisms & illusions people are fed from religion and the govt is inexcusable. I always thought there had to be reasons for many things since so much did not make sense to me with the way life had been. I believe in Neothink & TVP & I stand for Neothink & TVP. The benefits of Neothink & TVP are immense. Mere words do not do justice to adequately describe the greatness of Neothink & TVP to me. I am over whelmed with positive emotions & so grateful for all that has been returned to me from my childhood by Neothink.

With deep gratitude & love,

Rhonda J.


Thank you from my heart Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party.  I am not even 6 months with you. What a journey! How much I have learned in that time!  Mark Hamilton with the literature and training in the Neothink Society has given me a new lease on life (65 years).  The Twelve Visions Party is given us a new society based truly on the people and totally founded in reality.  What a concept!

Waking up without fear and worry, knowing that with our own creativity we can build our business, provide for our family, becoming wealthy in the process - not poor and unfulfilled and bitter.  I could go on and on…..but please look at the websites.  The world – all of us –  move between half truths and lies. Here is the place for us to change it in our lives.

Grateful for All of You, Samantha B.