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I have been a Neothink Member for over two years now. What an exciting Journey it has been for me. There’s been some work involved but very exciting and rewarding. With Mark Hamilton and his Literature, I discovered that I’m a Writer and estimate writing a Book in at least two years. Upon discovering that I’m a Writer and what to write about, I been having Eureka Ideas almost on a daily basis. I wake up in the morning Neothinking and go to bed Neothinking and three mornings ago I had a Eureka Idea upon waking up. I’m so inspired with writing that I’m having difficulty even making time to make repairs and improvements on the house, so I bought me a Digital Recorder and use it and put it down on paper later. Mark Hamilton and his Literature has help me to start on Being all That I can Be. The TVP Movement’s Objective is to Help all people Be all That They can Be, even the poor. Thank You Mark and Ya-hoo TVP……………………..Gregory Klatt



Hi, Mark,
I am pervin, almost 10 years ago since 2001 i received Neothink, Neothink system, the first immortals as children,Neothink discovery and more books.After that time just reading everyday, but i can’t concept nothing yet,in the mean time i lost everything,(job,business, relationship,love i mean all living life which is not describable) but i am still reading those books daily basis, some time looked ok, but most of the time after reading getting more bad situation. I don’t know what’s my fault, may be personal nysticism so difficult way on me, or may be i don’t understand anything yet. However recently i join to the neo-think society as you suggest to me, attend everyday conference, i am doing that but still not doing good, thinking process never come deeply,i feel something bothering, so how can do better for my real life? Pleased let me know about my situation. Although i know, you know everything about me. but specially i need help from you, if you don’t mind. Because my life is very harder way moving on, which is understandable but uncontrolled. I am very unsuccessfull person.I wanted save my life and family life. Thank you
Pervin Banu


The Neothink literature that Mark Hamilton has written and published has been a turning point in my life and offered advise that I desperately needed in these tough economic times.

Here’s my story:

I’m a 33-year old single man that has been guilty of working 60-80 hours each week since graduating from college.  Although I collect a nice salary and have at least an average level of intelligence, I just could not seem to get ahead.  I’ve read books about the stock market, real estate, and other investment vehicles but nothing really seemed to give me the guidance that I so desperately needed.

The first Neothink manuscript arrived last May and I have finished reading the third manuscript at the end of September and I can feel that a new path has presented itself to me.  No longer do I wait until something presents itself to me in hopes of getting ahead.

Since September, I have had the courage and tools to make three small and separate real estate deals that are the beginning of my own financial independence.  Although I remain somewhat socially awkward I have been out on more dates in the last two months than I have been in the past five years.  I’m still single but am gaining confidence and honestly believe that the love of my life is just right around the corner literally.

The TVP party will be a tremendous asset to our society and allow people to break free from their daily rat-races.  I’m fortunate enough to be able to take calculated risks and will gain my own financial independence without this added benefit.  However, the TVP will free my family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers from the stress and mental anguish of wondering on a daily basis; “what will I do if I lose my job this week?”.

With love in my heart for humanity and my fellow man, my vote will be cast for any member representing the TVP.

Andy B


The Honest Value of the Twelve Visions Party

As a youngster and young man I was told there were 2 parties, no choices.  Following the 2 parties was the American way. Like many Americans I was born into a family of one dominant party focus. Through family direction I followed the leaders, Yes Followed the leaders.

From the beginning I followed, and did what I was told. I was told there are leader so I had to follow their decisions.  I needed to be respectful of, and follow the leader’s decisions. Never rock the boat.

I always know there was something wrong with this concept.  So Wrong!

But as a follower, I didn’t truly get it, could not snap the pieces of the puzzle together.

Today through the Neothink Generational Manuscripts and the Twelve Visions Party, my eyes and ears are opened to the true integrated honesty and  reality of the dishonestly of government officials/ career politicians who are carelessly and meticulously manipulating our lives and our futures.

I am saying what happened to our government all of a sudden.  The integrated honestly is our government officials have for many years, worked in a self-centered manner.

The difference is that, I am now aware of this reality, through the readings and works of Mark Hamilton.

I am transitioning from a muted follower accepting dishonesties and illusions, to a self-leader asking questions.

I am now wide awake to the corruption and greed that is around me.

Now as a Value Creator, I am willing to step up and be a leader, I am losing the follower mentality, and actively, on a daily basis, study then create activities that will help mankind live a life of love, happiness, and even wealth.

It is time to address the illusions and bring in the honesties that will help all mankind.

Live The Lives each man and women are meant to live.

Today I am a very happy value creating man who is gaining ongoing happiness by creating values for others.  I understand the way to achieve happiness and pursue that direction.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink have given me the tools to turn my life around from a follower to a happy effective Value Creator for society.  Today, I know I can contribute to the happiness of all men and women and even help make all the people rich including the poor.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for opening my eyes and seeing reality!!!!!


Dear Mark,

I can’t begin to tell you how much your literature has meant to me and how much it has changed my life. It has helped me with my continuing quest for personal growth, as I choose to grow rather than stagnate. The information in your literature has helped me to once again be confident in my own common sense and judgment. I have been able to effectively eliminate all of the confusion when dealing with the conflicting information that I am bombarded with on a daily basis from outside sources.

And now the Twelve Visions Party is coming alive. It is truly a wonderful and exciting time. The Prime Law makes so much sense. Finally, a real way to get back to the freedom we were always meant to have as Americans! I am ready to move to Hamilton-America right now! I want pure justice and real freedom!

I can’t begin to thank you for all of the time, effort, sacrifice, and bravery you have put into getting us to this stage; bringing American back to the great country it was always meant to be: The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Bless you for your vision and for taking the helm and leading the charge.

I now have hope of a better life, a happy and healthy life that is going in a positive direction. I want the opportunity to work at something I love to do, the satisfaction of being able to give more than I take, the thrill of being able to be the unique and creative person I was meant to be, and the ability to balance prosperity and the quality time I wish to spend with my loved-ones. This is a life most people are unable to live now under the corrupt self-serving political systems that have grown so out-of-control and are constantly trying to milk us dry and kill our spirit.

In the past “real freedom” and “world peace” have been treated only as idealistic dreams. Then again, all great things have started with a vision and a dream. And now, thanks to you and your vision and dream, “real freedom” and “world peace” can finally become a reality. My heart is soaring with hope for a new life of freedom and my tears of happiness spill over from relief that we no longer have to accept being ruled by a corrupt system. We can actually do something about it.

Today is March 11, 2010 and I am proud to say, “I am a registered member of the Twelve Visions Party in California!” and I am looking forward to finally having life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness along with once again feeling proud to be an American.

Mark, thank you again for making this all possible.

My love to you and yours,

Diana H



Thank you Mark Hamilton,

My whole life I have prided myself on thinking for myself. Do my own research and form my own opinions. Even though all of my friends and family know that I am a free and independant thinker, I always knew that there was something just out of reach. Something missing.

Through all of my research I discovered that the masses were being taught to assimilate into society instead of becoming a free and independant thinker. Anyone with great new ideas that stood against society would be attacked by the establishment until he was destroyed or until he gave up on his ideas. Either way, we all lost out. I often wonder what this world would be like if people were free to express themselves and free to persue their own ideas. What a wonderful world that would be! I often wondered if there were other people out there with thoughts and beliefs like mine. It wasn’t until being discovered by Mark Hamilton and the Neo-think Society that I realized that there were.Through the Neo-think Society I discovered the truths that were always just out of reach for me. I was able to discover and snap into place those missing puzzle pieces that were so elusive for me. I discovered that my own ideas were true. True but incomplete.

Our society, The Neothink Society, does not look to over-throw the government. We are not some evil cult who wants to over-throw God. We do not want to set up a form of Communist Society. These are merely attacks from the establishment so the lay-men and women of the world can keep their eyes closed to the fact that they are all slaves to that establishment. If you were to ask the common men and women, on the streets of America, they would tell you that the government is a free democracy. If that were true, than why is it that we are all forcibly taxed? Why is it, that this government takes away freedom from it’s citizens on a daily basis? Do you remember the Patriot Act? The truth is our government shifts more and more towards a socialist government everyday, without so much as an objection from the people. “The Patriot Act is patriotic because it protects us from the evil terrorists so it must be good for us!” they think. In reality that act took away more freedom from us than any other single act in history.

All laws are designed to take away freedoms and rights of the people. There have been more restrictive laws put on the books since 1982 than the whole 206 years before then. America is no longer “The Land of the Free” as we restrict all of our rights and freedoms. The goverment itself sets up departments to enforce all of those restrictive laws. They will use force to make sure the people do not question that authority. They destroy all good new ideas in the name of “Social Order” and we all lose out. Hitler and the Nazis used to do the same. Can you not see that? Have you ever heard of Indian Reservations? What are those reservations, if not concentration camps? Just like Nazi Germany! And still, we get more and more restrictive laws added to the books on a daily basis.

The Neothink Society, through The Twelve Visions Party looks to free society.We will teach people how the government enslaves the masses. It is no longer a government “of the people.” It has evolved into it’s own form of ruling class that our forefathers fought so hard against. Our forefathers set up this government “of the people” for all of us, not them. They were also smart enough to know that they did not have all of the answers so they wrote into the Constitution that the people could change the government when needed. If this government became what it is today the people have the Constitutional right, no the responsibilty, to do away with it. If George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and the rest of our forefathers could see our government today they would be the first ones to rise up against it. This oppresive government is even worse than the ruling monarchies of 1776, that they fought against. Do you remember “Taxation without representation?” When was the last time you really felt like your Congressmen or Senator or President represented you? You vote them into office but they do not represent anything except for themselves. They spend your tax dollars irresponsibly, that they take forcibly. They work hard to deceive the masses and to make themselves look better for re-election. They have never built anything and could not survive in the real world of their constituates. They lie, cheat and steal to hold onto their perceived power. America is finally starting to wake up, though. They are beginning to see through the illusion. They are beginning to want something more. This is what the TVP will offer to them.

The TVP offers tangible benefits to everyday people. The first being, a businessman as President. I remember the early 80’s. Lee Iaccoca turned around the Chrysler Corporation from bleeding money to profit. He did that by introducing the K-car and then the mini-van to a hungry market of energy-efficient consumers. The call went out for him to run as President. The American people, even way back then, were beginning to see that career politicians could not help them. Mr. Iaccoca knew that he could not fight the establishment and declined. This is a key to true change, though. Only a successful businessman, not a career politician, can make the changes that will benefit America and then the world.

A businessman would look to help every American by slashing the budget. That would cut taxes in half. The budget that this non-political President would submit would slash every aspect of big government except self-defense. All orders of the “Social good” programs would not be funded. This would free up billions of dollars and the economy would grow un-like anything we have ever seen before. Americans will see that, finally here is someone in office that really does represent me. He really cares about our needs. He really will make changes that will benefit all of us. Congress, however, will look and see that this new budget will kill their livelyhoods. With a defense only budget they would all have to go out and get real jobs. They would no longer be able to rely on the trillions of dollars they bilk from everyday Americans. They will fight back.

Everyday Americans will see the value of the defense only budget. They will see that the President wants to help them on the very basic level of existnace, money. They will know that this plan will work to free them from the governments clutches of all of those restictive laws. They can finally be free. Congress, however, will not pass that budget. They will be forced to pass some of it because their constituates will demand it, but it will not pass in its entirety. This will outrage the public and they will quickly see who the enemy really is. During the mid-term elections there will be a movement to elect businessmen and women to Congress who will pass the budget in its entirety. Can this really happen?

I look to Kansas in 2002. In 2002 Kansas passed a law that stated they would no longer teach Darwinism in the public schools.With no more science being taught it opened the door to Creationism being taught in it’s place. Whether or not that happened is beside the point. The point here is that science was not being taught and that outraged the people of Kansas. The national press was relentless. Was Kansas really still living in the 19th century? That law was not repealed until the next election where every single state representative who voted “yah” to that bill was not voted back into office. The people of Kansas had spoken. That was a great victory for the people.

It can happen! The people really can make this happen when the time comes. With the TVP and it’s Constitution the people can really be free. I now look forward to everyday, for everyday we get closer to true freedom. I have uncoverd these truths and can’t wait until the rest of America and the world will join us in a free and productive society. The Neo-think Society and Twelve Visions Party has freed my mind. All we are trying to do is help others by freeing their minds as well. America is ready. The people can feel that there is more to life than what this world has to offer. We look to give it to them.

Thank you so much, Mark Hamilton and the Neo-think Society, for waking me up. Failure is not an option, for if you wake up to reality can you ever go back to slavery? I think not. The Twelve Visions Party has my support 100%. Let’s get this thing done so we all can, once again, live in “The Land of the Free!”