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Mark Hamilton and Neothinking; Honesty/Love/compassion is illustrated to help you make good decisions. I am so very thankful now when I look back over this past year and see the miracles that took place in my life through the honesty Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the Neothink Society and the TVP twelve visions party brought to me. I started reading Mark Hamilton books during a crucial time in my life. Through Mark Hamilton



Have you ever felt like you are lost? Everything you do is for no purpose? Do you live your entire life sacrificing so others can live easier? Let me tell you something…. Did you know ( even though you won’t admit it ) everything that happens in your life is because of two reasons? You did or seized doing something! You might think this organization is a religion of sorts. You might thing this is even a political movement. Let e tell you that you are wrong! All this organization and Mark Hamilton does is awaken you. It awakens you in a manner that you take control of your life. You no longer feel that you have a higher power to answer to. Only you can control YOUR future. “It is not written unless you have written it with your own hands.” ( metaphor ) Thanks to this movement I have finally realized that all the misfortune that has happened to me in my life is because of decisions I have made myself. Looking back to what all I have done…knowing what I know now because of this wonderful man (Mark Hamilton) I would of never have had a single heart ache. Mark or Neothink isn’t tying to stop anything. Mark or Neothink isn’t trying to take over anything. What they’re simply doing is awakening you so YOU take control of your own life. Have you ever dreamed? What have you dreamed of being? An artist, a doctor, a president? What stopped you? I’ll tell you what stopped you, YOUR SELF! Everyone told you it was too hard, everyone told you weren’t enough or didn’t



Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party, I can now look forward to the future of the USA.  It seems to be obvious that our elected officials can no longer think for themselves, and just follow the leader (the sheep syndrome).  When politicians only vote their parties line, it is time to vote them out.  I do believe the TVP will bring forth candidates that think for themselves and make decisions based on the good of America.  However I will do as Mark Hamilton has taught me to do.  I will look at all candidates and vote for the one I think will do the best job to make America great again.   Thank you Mark Hamilton and the TVP.

Dave L