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I’ve been with Neothink now for over 6 1/2 years . I has transformed me into a stronger women who can not be fooled by the ruling classes . My quest presently is to be involved with the TVP Party and get a Neothinking elect in office to replace those in office now back to their real purpose of protection only . For 50 years now my life has had sad points where I could not see any way of this changing , but Mark Hamilton showed me that YES IT CAN ….. All he is sharing is that we are in control of our destiny . So let’s take back what we should have been handling …… Life , love , wealth , pure happiness ….. Thank you .


I am 59 years of age and in severe debt. I am on the threshold of bankrupcy, and my life has been on a downward spiral for years. However, upon being discovered by Mark Hamilton, I am seeing things in an all new light, free of illusions and mysticism. I have taken control of my job, and now make $14,000.00 a year more than I did a year ago, and I know this is only the beginning. I am in control of my destiny again, and I want to stand at the ready to assist others with their break from the anticivilization. THANK YOU,MARK HAMILTON.



My experience with Neothink Society has been incredible, It’s literature and whole information gave me  a new way to see the life ( recovery the faith on people),  and regain confident on me.  And the most important be certainty that the human being has a bright and  a wonderful future in his own hands.  Mark Hamilton’s work fulfills my expectations about the great man’s destiny.  I has been a privilege to be selected to become a member of this Society and I am eager to do my part of job to get the goals  that let us to drive the human being to that road to reach its unlimited happiness and creativity.   Thanks with all my heart for the opportunity of become a tiny piece of this supper puzzle!
Teresa G