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I have been involved with the Neo Think society only a few months so far, and have read most of the three volumes, but not finished yet. The literature that I have been reading has opened my eyes immensely to see through illusions of today. I always knew the unreal situations that happened in this anti-civilization society of my 50 years of living on earth was just not right.
I have seen different things happen with laws being passed by government and political figures that just did not make any sense. Maybe because of those senseless laws are why our country is in the mess were in now. By passing these senseless laws that doesn’t create any value for the people, then the reasoning behind it is GREED!
I want to thank Mark Hamilton for finding me and sharing with me the intelligent information of the TVP and the secrets of these three volumes.
Learning to be a Neo Thinker and a value creater is very exciting, life seems to be more exhilarating now knowing their is more to life than just being stuck in a stagnating rut.
Learning how we all are suppose to be living our lives with immense love, happiness, and value creating for our family’s, friends, neighbors, for everyone!
That type of thinking with Neo Think is absolutely TRUE and should be applied in our every day lives for the goodness sake of all mankind. With the Twelve Visions Party in control, I could say their would be NO more homeless people, their would be NO more hungry or starving people, and creating cures for diseases faster. Everyone would be Neo Thinkers and would be glad to create values for mankind.
Mr Mark Hamilton, I think your a genius.
Thank You for the knowledge I have received and I’m looking forward to more insight into the TVP in the near future. Dave N.


Whoever reads this I would like it to be known that Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society Have opened my eyes to a new and wonderful world. At times I compare him to Neo in the movie “Matrix” in the sense that until now our own leaders have kept us in the dark about the real workings of the government and how we are living on the bread crumbs left after they take us to the cleaners to keep us in the poverty cycle. Now I think about how our society would be if there was no artificial need in this world i.e.: health care, housing, employment, food supply, schooling at all levels, a world where NO ONE would have to worry about the basics needs because all would be taken care of.

Now with that said let’s consider the aspect of aggression, not only on ourselves as individuals but also a nation, consider a world at peace no war, no conflict. So the question becomes why we are so aggressive the answer is plain old greed. I ask you to ponder how different things could be if everyone was WEALTHY and I don’t just mean being a millionaire but a multi-millionaire many times over, and we all can afford to pay for what we need and want.

Right now we are at cusp of a new beginning in HUMAN EVOLUTION and that is to see the real reason why we have not gotten further than we have the status quo cannot continue we need to truly need to change our paradigm of how view our country and the world.

In closing do you remember the scene in “Independence Day” when they figure out how to defeat the invaders and they send the plan around the world using Morse code and one of the men makes the statement to the effect the Americans came up with a plan its about time, and I say to you now it is time.




Dear Mr. Hamilton,

Thank you for including me in your family of Apprentices. Wish I could have done more with it.

In the beginning, I honestly did not think all this was true.

When all the guys started  getting together & talking about different things. needless to say my ears perked up. It is all so interesting. I especially liked the part of honesty. I have had more stolen from me than most people have. I never thought of people stealing ! Didn’t realize there were that many dishonest people in the world. In this program, we are taught honesty, love, compassion for others, how to live with ourselves & make an honest living,

In the neo-think world we  all will be prosperious & happy. What more could a person want ?

Mr. Hamilton, I too am concerned about you. You know how cruel the media can be. I know you will be honest about everything, but if you could soften the Religious part a bit,

you know how the south is so religious, with churches on every corner & probably the rest of the country also. I notice also a lot of the members refer to religion as thou they haven’t changed much.

I some how feel, this isn”t exactly what you wanted, but the best I can do. I have a difficult time with my eyes & have not advanced in the level as I would like. Hopefully that will come about soon.

Love & Caring

Peggy L


Hello my name is Many L. and I have been a member of the Neothink society for less than a year and have learned so much already. Mark Hamilton, his literature, and his Neothink Society have meant so much to me in so many ways. The Twelve Visions Party will mean so much to, my loved ones, and to the world. HE has shown me what I am missing in my life, and pointed me in the direction of what I want to be and do in this world.  Before becoming a member I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and never really thought about it. Mark Hamilton helped me realize there was more to life than a dead end job or the same boring rut every day. He is teaching me that you can make any job successful l and enjoyable.  I have never been this happy at my job, and it’s all thanks to Mr. Hamilton and Neothink. 

When I started reading the material I was given I was twenty pounds overweight. And after following the eating habits instructions I lost all that weight in just a few months. I have never looked or felt this good in my life. I owe my happiness to Mr. Hamilton and Neothink. All of the different things you can learn are priceless and very important to the history of mankind.