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The Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton has empowered what has laid dormant in me for years. He has help me to realize the potential already instilled in me when I was nine years old, but was discouraged as I got older by dishonest people. His Twelve Visions Party and The Twelve Visions World is my powerful puzzle pie. Which is a part of my life today. The puzzle pieces regard everyone everywhere living the life that we are meant to live without the dishonesty!! Hoorah!!!!!! for Mark Hamilton.
Your Friend,
Tamara Krashna



First I would like to start off by stating…….. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

Since becoming a member in the Neo-think Society in 2006, my life and the life of my family has changed tremendously for the better. We see hope for ourselves, for our family and friends….and for the world. We see that the world doesn’t have to be like this, it can be changed, We can save the lives of everyone!!!

Mark Hamilton, his literature and the Neo-think Society means the world to me. I have not found any one or anything that has presented to me the honesty and integrity that Mark Hamilton has for the Human Race. His desire to make a better world for all of us is very inspirational, and Heart felt.

Mark Hamilton and The Twelve Vision Party will move this anti-civilization to the Twelve Visions World and make this world a business/science/art world and remove all the dishonesty, in politics, religion, and government. It will be a safe, loving, nurturing and prosperous world.

To Stop Mark Hamilton, his literature, or the twelve vision party will totally devastate myself, my children and my family. This whole world will be devastated without them. Mark Hamilton’s 12 visions for this world is what is going to save this world!!!

To remove them or silence them is to remove all hope for a better world, for immortality, and for the survival of the Earth.

I want what Mark Hamilton, his literature and the Neo-think society is offering this world, my children want what Mark Hamilton, his literature and the Neo-think society is offering this world and my family wants what Mark Hamilton, his literature and the Neo-think society is offering this world. He is offering all of us a great life with love, prosperity, true honesty and immortality. Mark Hamilton has spent his whole life to make this possible for all of us and he is bringing it to all of us threw the Twelve Vision Party.



Reading Mark Hamilton’s multigenerational Manuscripts last night, I had another major change happen inside me. I could feel the energy rising, and I had the courage to face myself with greater honesty! Everyday that I can remove a little more dishonesty from myself is a GREAT DAY! In the future, as demonstrated in Mark Hamilton’s writings, only those who remove dishonesties from themselves will ever achieve incredible success. Thanks for these priceless integrations!

Yon Cole


Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society’s, Honest, Rational, Integrated thinking is most valuable. Rational Honesty allows me to view life in a reality exists, Neo - Think Mentality. By taking the time to think, I can avoid irrational choices that are emotion based.

Mark Hamilton and the Literature has helped to identify and purge dishonesty and self – deceiving thoughts and behavior within me, and as a result, thinking in a Honest, Reality Exist Perspective.

The TVP Political Movement will bring Freedom, Individual Freedom, for Myself, the Family and the World. Freedom is Myself, my Family and the People of this Country and the World being who we were meant to be, Happiness and Prosperity, by way of Creative, Productive, Business, to afford to have and do what we want, with Millionaire Incomes.

With the Twelve Visions Party, Minority, will no longer exist. Being regulated to what we can do will be non – existent. The only function of a government is the protection of IndividualRights.                                                                                                                           In contrast, without the TVP Movement and Mark Hamilton and his Literature, the poor has No Freedom and Prosperity. Sickness and Disease will quite likely reach DisasterousLevels.                                                                                                                      Me and my Family and all the People of this Country and the World, would Live a Life Unfullfilled. Instead of Happiness and Prosperity, the People of this World will continue to Struggle, and it can and will get worse, without the TVP Movement.         Without Mark Hamilton and his Literature, the People of this World, will not Discover the Potential they have to use the Brain in a new way, Neothink. The means to be the person you were neant to be, to discover that there is more to Life than each Individual has now.   Thank you Mark Hamilton for the Literature and my Membership.                                      Greg  K


I want to thank Mark Hamilton for offering an honest view of the world. The TVP world view would certainly bring freedom back to the people. Turn on any television channel or radio station and you will be bombarded by political dishonesty. IMHO I prefer the government stay out of my personal life and defend my country!! Thanks again Mark.


My name is Chuck M.  I am 50 years old and live in beautiful North Idaho.  Currently, I work as an insurance agent.
Over the past several months, I have sought out and read everything written and by Mark Hamilton and The Neothink Society.  Words alone cannot express the life changing value, how important, how influencial his work has been to my family and I.  Even though I have never met Mr. Hamilton face-to-face, I consider him to be my “Life Mentor”!
During this period, I’ve also become very familiar with the ”Twelve Visions Party”.  I’m sure by now, most of you can see the “dishonesty” in todays politicians/government!  Now is the time for ”real honesty”, “real value’s”, etc. 
I would drop everything, right here, right now, if Mr. Mark Hamilton called and asked for my help!  I would do that whether it was to help him in his business, The Neothink Society or the Twelve Visions Party!  I would consider it an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to assist Mr. Hamilton in any way possible.  Thank You!!!
Chuck M
Worley, ID


Dear Mark Hamilton,I just want you to know that I’m gonna do everything i can to help the society  it’s my society! but for now i have i battle with my own mind since i receive my first letter from the society , my mind keep zooming no stop ,Neothink Person (God Man) came to my place and let me see Him!!  Big Dark Shadow with broad shoulders it was amazing!!  i was real so real !!!  and I’m pretty sure he’s the one behind all this wonderful project that you orchestrate!!! but for now I’m alone  i need to get all the dishonesty that block my ears,  it hurts so bad!!!  my left ear hurts the most when I’m force it. do i need to bleeding from my left ear??  that’s painful too much!! i hope my mind keep zooming forever!!  I’m keep looking the website all the time but for now my mind just need to get rid of the dishonesty i need to be all by myself . At my job everyone notice my changes and they think im sick but i don’t care!! they laugh.

Dear Mark Hamilton u are a soldier from the Twelve Visions World, i want to be home with u very soon!! where the innocent can live without being abuse!!

tks!!  for everything!!              Douglas de Queiroz


My name is Mark H and I want to first say that, this testimonial is based on a life value known as fully integrated honesty.  In no way, have I been paid, forced, coerced, deceived to write this testimonial, or asked to exaggerate. Again everything that you will read is based on fully integrated honesty, and the passion to express this honesty.

You can see that the world around you isn’t the safe, secure, place that allows you to build the life and values that you want, to feel all the happiness you want, all the time. As the economy is falling down, it has been predicted to be the worse fall ever. We are already on pace.  Job loss and poverty is seemingly the future, but you sense that there must be something more. Would you believe me if I told you there was something more? Probably not, but I was just like you, living my life, doing my job, unknowingly sinking further into the stagnation trap and the burden of not living the life I deeply wanted to live.  A life of freedom, happiness, love success and exhilaration a life where I had everything I desired everything; what was worse is that I thought I was really living. But I wasn’t. Listen I can’t do this, I got give it to you straight so read carefully because this is going to be what you have been denied all this time, that is the HONESTY. Whatever happened to good old honesty? Do you even care? You should. Because the more we let honesty slip away the more dishonesty takes its place. I can’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen, so I am here to give you the straight talk! Read carefully we start now!

The world around you is an illusion!  Everything you see is an illusion created by higher authorities of the past and maintained or made better by higher authorities of the present. These illusions exist to make you feel stimulation. These illusions are based on security, and the social good. When in reality, this is outside of the illusion, a higher authority can only exist to control you, for that is the nature of an authority, and the only way they can control you is if something gives them the right or power to do so. That right or power came through something called the illusion. With this technique, where everything seems real but isn’t, you are tricked into believing in a life, a world, that doesn’t really exist. For everything is already systematically setup for you, and this system is not in your favor.

This system is actually a trap that keeps you in a rut of stagnation.

Because to actually feel life, live life, and be apart of the world, to actually have success, happiness, love, and all you desire requires that you be free from all authority, all illusions, all lies, force, coercion and deception, because the secret to having happiness, love, success, and all you desire is honesty. However there exist an authority that KILLS that honesty and our happiness, love success and desires. For that is the only way to have power over us, this is by keeping us in a position to where we need an authority. The higher authority in america, is why america (rightfully not capitalized) is falling apart. For they exist through the dishonest technique known as the illusion. They create illusions that they do good but those illusions exist to keep you blind to the fact that our higher authorities are, parasitical, illusion creating, value destroying, MURDERS! This has been determined throughout all of history and even now. You have caught politicians lying, stealing, killing and driving down the value of the economy, the value of the country, thus the ultimate value of our lives! Yet you still allow such a destructive system of voting for illusion creators, liars, life and value destroyers, murders to exist! You vote for the people who are actually robbing you and hurting you the most and that is our politicians! Not only do you vote for them, you love them, and stand behind stupid irrationalities such as war. Anything that can even potentially take an innocent life is wrong and horrible, but anything that actually takes a life is the greatest tragedy that exist! Now imagine all the countless lives that have been taken sacrificed for the higher authorities illusions, your family and mine. These higher authorities killed my mother. How come you cant feel that? Because you feel something else, something more immediate, and that is the stimulation that they purposefully inflict upon you for their advantage. Now as it stands we are at one of the worst moments in the history of our world, and it is predicted by geniuses that our problems are just beginning, they see poverty and hardship ahead for us. The america we all love is falling apart, and this is just the beginning, imagine that. Then to make matters even worse, (as if realizing that poverty is just the beginning and that worse is to come, isn’t enough)higher authorities are now trying to stop the one source that is out here actually fighting for the people, fighting for you, fighting for all that is right, all that is honest, fighting not for an agenda that leads to personal power, but fighting to give the whole world strength which out competes and eradicates power. This source is the only real source, that actually cares about the people, not money and power! Instead this amazing group focuses intensely unbreakably on value. The value of life love happiness success, honesty, exhilaration. How would you like to never be bored again. Would you like that? This beautiful group is out there fighting for you, the people against all that is wrong and the higher authorities are trying to shut this beautiful group down. why? because honesty exposes illusions The higher authorities don’t want to be exposed because this means that they lose their free parasitical livelihoods and ignorant power. The higher authorities through greed, and ego want all the power because it gives them the way to continue to exist freely, without being contended. Well a beautiful group has challenged them, because they cant stand it anymore, they cant sit back and let murders run america anymore! They are ready to fight for you, the people. They are ready to fight for happiness, love, success, and FREEDOM HONEST FREEDOM! To be free, wow it just feels so beautiful, so amazing, it almost feels to good to be true, but when you feel it, you know it’s true. I’ve felt this freedom, felt the release of the burden, felt the exhilaration of rising above the trap, I have felt it and it feels so amazing, it feels so wonderful, the exhilaration that flows through you is just incredible that you cant help but feel differently.

What had allowed me that escape from the grasp of evil?

I shall be honest with you because I want this for you, It all started back in 2003, I had just lost everything, even the girl that said she would love me through it all no matter what, but as soon as trouble came my way, she left me just like everything else did. I was pathetic, sad, lonely, without her, I didn’t care that I had to move back with family, I LOST HER. I was hurt, but what made life worse was I didn’t have any power to change my life for the better, I immediately, fell fast into stagnation and couldn’t move. I couldn’t rise above the pain, the burden, and the stagnation, my life was over. No values, no house, no car, no money, no ideas, no hope, no possibilities, and I didn’t have her. I loved her, but was powerless to stop her leaving. Far worse, the mother of my baby, (who is not the girl I was describing) was not allowing me access to my daughter, that really broke me mentally emotionally and physically. All my life became was just lying in silence and hoping I’d somehow get everything back. Imagine all the awesome things one can do with one’s life and realize that my life was just lying in the dark meaninglessly hoping. I was pathetic. Beyond that this was my only life that I could ever get and it was fading away slowly but fading. By the way the slowness made my days and nights more torturous. My life had become unbearable, and I was unconcerned that I was living to die. To make matters worse I still wasn’t emotionally over the death of my mother which happened three years before. All the dreams, all that I would create for the world was over, as great as I was still I was accepting death, I gave up! Situations punished me to hard for being happy and in love and the punishment made me submit. I thought love was a lie, success, happiness, I thought it was all a lie.

Although I never really believed in God, it was still embedded in my mentality so I cursed his name with a passionate hatred. I hated him, and myself. I was at my lowest point. The worse part about all this is that this was actually my life in 2003.Now to be honest here and now I don’t know why but I had a strong urge to check the mail. It shocked me because usually I would feel nothing but if I did feel something it was passionate hatred. Still here I was lying in bed with a strong urge, maybe even a stimulation to go check the mail. I fought it for a few hours because what could possibly be in the mail that could change all that has happened. I thought that anything coming in the mail was a scam. In fact I thought everything then was a scam; but after a few hours I decided to get up and go check the mail. I couldn’t believe I finally and actually got up but I did. I walked to the mail box and I promise you my heart was pounding I don’t know why, but I opened the mail and I had no other piece of mail only one piece of mail It was red and white. I was excited but I didn’t know why and my heart was racing, I just know I felt something, I just know that I felt this way and that is was real. I was scared because I never had such a reaction to anything and I thought something was wrong with the left side of my chest where my heart is. I was really scared, but I made it back into the house, shut the door and ran into my room and locked the door. I fell onto the bed and opened up the letter. I remember that day this well because that day my life changed.

About 3 or 4 years later, I was looking into the eyes (via online secret meeting)of the person that was responsible for that letter being in my mailbox. Responsible for the change I felt all over my heart, all through my sexy body, all through my strong mind, I felt a real change.

As if I left one world and came into another. This man began speaking and immediately I was filled with emotions, all that I had been through to get to this moment, hearing his voice, touched me in such a deep way, that I felt like I would cry but I didn’t. I had done research on this man and there was very little about him but the SEARCHER that I am lead to some information. I read as people called this man a liar, a thief, a con artist! I read as people said that there was no secret meeting! This way only a scam to get you to keep buying books I read.

This man was trashed in every way imaginable, and here I was in the secret meeting looking at him, looking at him in his eyes. I felt so much love but that feeling was interrupted with an unexplainably deep feeling towards this man, I think it was sympathy, because being there in the meeting, I realized on thing that all those people were just trying to hurt him, to tear him down for their own personal gain! I saw him and realized what he must go through then I felt that way for him.

I knew he was honest. everything those liars was doing against him was explained by this man in his book, and through history, because liars always did attack honest men and woman who threaten their lies. That however is not their intention that is just the nature of being an honest person. I understood this man and his struggle. and through it all there he was sitting right there in front of me, here for me, and the others, to instill the value, the super puzzle. To do what he promised just lie an honest man would do. I felt so much love for him, and for myself I hadn’t felt that love in a long time. He looked so calm, as he delivered the value. I remember other members fighting with those liars one the web. When the members revealed that the meetings were real their new lie became that we were being brain washed by men and woman infinitely smarter than us. That too is a lie because if one point was made more than any other point it was thinking for yourself, being your own leader, and authority. We were also taught how to see to the deepest levels. That is why we were able to quickly realize why those people attacked us because they don’t want our honesty by its own nature to eradicate their meaningless, parasitical lives.

They have something to gain by attacking us, all that we build, our mentor and all that he has built. They have everything to gain we have everything to lose. Who is this mentor, this man that is fully integrated with honesty, and intensely driven to change this world by helping each individual realize their dream? Who was this amazing man that had the power to change my life and millions of lives worldwide?

Who is he? His name is MARK HAMILTON! Mark Hamilton is an fully honest, integrated, value creating genius. He is also a businessman who has recreated they way business is run and how it effects the world. Mark Hamilton is also a very successful man who has been CONTINUOUSLY successful because he is honest. Remember this: if you ask me to tell you the greatest secret ever, right now, that would bring you honest happiness, success, exhilaration and love, that secret would be honesty and intense focus. THAT IS THE SECRET TO EVERYTHING YOU WANT. Mark Hamilton is fully honest or he couldn’t be continuously successful.

Beyond that everything that this man has said to date has happened, is happening, or will happen. What is more honest than that? I am living this man’s honest what is more real than that? Mark Hamilton is also the man responsible for the fight for the people! because he is the author of the movement, the roadmap, to change the world, the real change; THE TWELVE VISIONS NON POLITICAL PARTY! The problem with every party is that in some way or another it is political. At the deepest level politics are just techniques that are used to control you, live off you, have power over you, and steal from you. That is the cold reality of politics. With the TWELVE VISIONS NON POLITICAL PARTY there is no politics only straight up honesty. THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY OR THE GET THE PEOPLE RICH EVEN THE POOR NON POLITICAL PARTY, is the way, the only was to eradicate the powers that be that threaten our beautiful america, our beautiful lives. and this amazing value that WILL SAVE LIVES is brought to you by an fully honest man named Mark Hamilton. Another reason why Mark Hamilton is so successful is because he really feels what he is about. What I mean is, fighting for the people isn’t some presidential catch phrase used to manipulate you, to then get elected, to then purposefully drive down the economy and hurt the people. A person like that doesn’t feel the honesty of those words and that makes all the difference. If its not honest then you don’t care what really happens so long as you get what you want. That is not the case when you feel honesty because you are driven to get the honest result. the only honest result is everyone living their dream life free  from higher authorities. That is what I, Mark Hamilton and THE TWELVE VISIONS NON POLITICAL PARTY IS ALL ABOUT, THE DREAM! THE PEOPLE! AND we feel the honesty of that. In fact that is our goal, to bring you YOUR dream! I have experienced this I have broken bondage with the higher authorities but they can still pull you down even when you are freed, as long as they exist, that is why they must be eradicated, because as long as they exist no matter who you are they are a real threat. If you want to know what is wrong with society it’s higher authorities, If you want to know how to eradiate that problem it’s the dream in your heart.

No matter who you are by your nature as a human being, you do have a dream in your heart and that dream is who you are.

For me (one who has personally gone through the journey) this journey of the three heirloom packages, the secret meeting, and the twelve visions party its the greatest journey that exist. We are saving lives and changing the world, besides personal values nothing else compares!  Nothing!  This is the most honest, and most passionate feeling that you can ever feel when you feel love like this. This Beautiful feeling happens when you feel honesty all over you. YOU CAN FEEL THIS WAY TO.

You can live a beautiful life!  What do you desire it can be yours. I’ve gone all out for you to tell you what is honest to explain a threat, how to eradicate it, and how to have anything you want, I have explained how this has made me feel, I want this for you to, if you are reading this, the honesty is in my heart, I live this, and I want this beautiful love, these beautiful emotions, to be for you. I WANT YOU TO HAVE ALL YOU DESIRE!

If I had to tell you honestly without lies, without deception, without force, without coercion, without being paid, without exaggeration, if I had to be most honest, to tell you if MARK HAMILTON AND THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY is real, is honest,  beyond any doubt, I would have to say in all honesty, in all honesty, YES!


Dear Mark Hamilton 

I am truly fortunate to have acquired the Neothink knowledge. Neothink will definitely bring peace and prosperity to USA and to the rest of the world.  Neothink continues to benefit my life in every way.

The knowledge I have learnt by reading the Heirloom materials has made me aware of the dishonesty practices in the government and their control of the news media. I will use my own mind. People should check out the Twelve Visions Party for the chance at a new life.

Fortunately I took advantage of your offer and got the first of the heirlooms. I read and was motivated to purchase other publications. Miss Annabelle’s Secrets put me over the top in visualizing the picture puzzle and getting the pieces put together.

Keep up the excellent work! The more people that are exposed to this the more they will see the direction this is going and that it is the right direction.

Thank you for the positive trend you and your Neothink Society have put into my life.

Lisa C, CA


I had taken an interest in Neothink and the TVP over a year ago. I firmly believe in them and what they stand for. Our country’s ruling class has been dishonest with us as a society for as long as I can remember. It’s refreshing to see a dedicated movement aimed at changing this dishonesty. In my opinion, the politicians in this country are among the most dishonest and corrupt people in the world. I think its safe to say that many in our society share those same sentiments. That could be one of the major reasons that voter turnouts in political elections continue to be around 50%. They have proven that time and time again. I think that government has their hands in too much of our business and certainly too deep in our pockets. 

 Neothink and the TVP have a conceivable plan that would allow all people in our society to prosper and live happy and healthy lives with no more government intervention than that of protection.

To stop The Neothink and the TVP movement would eliminate a valuable choice that would otherwise have been available to us. A choice that would give us an opportunity to participate in positive changes for all of us. Attempting to stop Neothink and The TVP would also be a clear indication of how much “Freedom of Choice” really means to our ruling class.

In closing, I want to say that I will continue to be a supporter of Neothink and the TVP and what they stand for.

Marty G