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Ronald C

Hello Everyone

After having been wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years knowing full well they were breaking the law, the Neothink Society contacted me, and I knew that I had found what I had been looking for all my life and what the World has been needing to save us from ourselves! Therefore, I became a Neothink member since 2001.

Mark Hamilton, his literature, Neothink Society, and the TVP (Twelve Vision Party) Movement are the “Only Help” this world has to “Save” itself from itself!

I love people and my family, and after the world has been killing itself and after I spent a lifetime looking for Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, I would not “Trust” anyone else to save us from ourselves, but Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society, and the TVP Movement!

The Leaders of this world, all down through history, has been “PROMISING” us that everything will be alright, but the Rich stay rich and the Poor stay poor and the Planet is dying by us misusing and abusing it or will it be destroyed (blown up?) by the planet destroying technology we have today!

Being way pass time for people to wake-up to “REALITY”, we must look to whoever can save us from ourselves, if you cannot see it, we feel it deep down inside of us!

Since being a Neothink Society member and being exposed to “ALL” they have done/are doing to “SAVE” the world from itself, I know “WITHOUT A DOUBT” that our “ONLY” hope to “CHANGE” the world into what it should be, are Mark Hamilton, his literature, Neothink Society, and the TVP Movement, and I would give my “LIFE” for Mark Hamilton to “SAVE” the world from itself, but I do not say all this in ignorance or on blind faith because Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society has a “MASTERMIND PLAN” to to “MAKE” the world what it should be!

While wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years, for the most part, I studied and researched the world to see whether we will destroy ourselves and the world and to see whether there is anyone who can make the world what it should be (Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society), it is “YES” to both questions!

To the people of the world, “PLEASE” look into this “MOST IMPORTANT” matter “SUFFICIENT ENOUGH” to decide for “YOURSELF” what is “REAL” and what is “NOT REAL” concerning Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society and the Leaders of this crazy world, and “DO NOT” just take the word of all “Those” who would destroy Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, like they do not mean the world well, decide for yourselves by checking out Mark Hamilton, his literatue, Neothink Society and the TVP Movement etc.!

I now have “HOPE” for the world, my family and myself, but it is “ONLY” because of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society, “NOT WHAT” the Leaders of this world has been “PROMISING THE PEOPLE” all down through history!

By Sincerity and Love,

Ronald C


Dear Mark Hamilton,

I want to say that although I have not been a member of Neothink very long, I am a Level 2 member, I can say without any doubt whatsoever that Neothink, Mark Hamilton, Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society are absolutely the best thing that ever happen to me in my life. I am growing everyday with Neothink and with everything that I have read and seen. I want to thank you Mark Hamilton for having been chosen to be a part of the Neothink Society. I feel that since I became a member, it has become absolutely crucial to my life and my existence to be a part of this organization. Words cannot express deeply enough how strong I feel about this. To say that everything I have experienced, read and seen is amazing, wonderful, breathtaking and fantastic would be putting it mildly. I feel honored to be a part of something that is so amazing and better than anything that has ever existed before in the history of mankind.

The Neothink Society and everything and everyone related to it, must ALWAYS continue to exist. I feel that without it, conscious life would have no value. That would be terrible to say the least. The only thing worse than a conscious life without value is no conscious life at all.

The Neothink Society is more than just an organization. It is my family. It is the only society that I can really feel close to and mean so much to me. I can never be a part of the anticivilization, not after my eyes were opened to Neothink Society, Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party. How can I ever go back. That would be like modern man reverting back to the apes. Unthinkable.

I can never thank you enough Mark Hamilton for having chosen me to be a part of your society. My wife is a very strong minded God-fearing christian woman. I want to tell her what I have found and the Neothink Society, but fear that she may not agree with it or me. But I feel that even if she doesn’t agree with me, I will continue with the Neothink Society. Even if my wife said to me that she is sorry but she can support me or agree with me with it, and even if she wanted to leave me because of it, I would still continue to be a member of the Neothink Society and continue to grow in it, at any cost, including my marriage. I feel that strongly about it and it means that much to me.

Mr Hamilton, Thank you so much for the difference you’ve made in my life. I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge. You ‘ve truely been an inspiration to me and I’ll never forget you. Be blessed in all your endeavors to make life better for everyone in all areas.

-cynthia g


To start off we must go back to where it started for me. When I became a member of the society, I can say for a fact it has changed my life completely and for the better. Mark Hamilton and his literature or should I say his essence is without a doubt the only way I could have ever started to live my life to its full potential. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to this man.

The movement which Mark Hamilton is about to put forward (TVP) is without a doubt going to benefit mankind in so many wonderful ways. It is going to create values, jobs, and things that we only dreamed of but were to afraid to do. Believe me when I say this “This is the only thing that is going to benefit mankind one-hundred percent.”

If we allow the authorities, government, politics, and trust me they are not even worthy of this title to silence this wonderful value creator then I can tell you “ALL IS REALLY LOST.” I want you to think back to when you were a little kid and all the values and all the good things you wanted to achieve for your fellow-man, for your mom and dad or even your whole family to benefit. Now think about if you could go back to that time that “dream” and now you had the resources to make that a reality. What would that mean to you? To make it all come true and achieve your impossible dream.

I can tell you that is what this value creator (Mark Hamilton) is all about, this is what the Twelve Visions Party is all about; His movement, “our” movement, for a better world. I urge you to give this a chance. I did and I can tell you now I do not regret it not for one moment. It has given me new hope, not only for me but for my children to live and achieve their dreams. And without the Neothink Society I would be lost. So I invite you to be apart of something so great so wonderful that it will change your life forever. So take a deeper look so that we can join together and create values, jobs, and dreams for a better future. I hope to see you there.

C. A.