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            If it weren’t for Neothink and the society I myself would still be in the everyday rut.  In reading the second multigenerational package I was able to find the person I was meant to be.  Before that, out of boredom, I would leave work and drink beer all weekend long and watch tv, but know I spend many hours researching penny stocks, buying into dividend reinvestment plans and am now beginning to look into options investing.  Although not exactly where I’d like to be just yet in my portfolio, it is getting easier to see the end results I’m looking for through doing the puzzle building in my mind.  If it weren’t for Neothink and the society, I’d probably still be “working for the weekend” as the song goes, but now life is new and exciting and full of options.

I call Neothink the rut buster.  If the government wants to take that away from me, there going to have to physically come and get the manuscripts!  If more folks were privy to our writings and ideas we might be able to truly adopt a Neothink Constitution.  The politicians are scared of these publications not for the fact that the ideas in our books won’t work, but for the fact their days are numbered once the anticivilization catches on to our teachings.

Thanks to you Mark and the society for showing me how to truly be my own authority and be who I want to be.

Brian N