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To: Mark Hamilton and The Readers

Well let’s get down to business. First order of business should be that you cut the cord to your television and start thinking for yourself. The reason you must stop watching television is due to the fact that nothing about what you see or hear from that set is real. What you are watching is at best based on the facts or truth which is the same thing as stating that context and facts will be interpreted to show a manufactured version of the truth.

In short, its a pack of lies. The television has been the greatest tool ever used to shape your thoughts, opinions, and actions. The question now is are you ready to reclaim your power and start thinking for yourself? Don’t take this responsibility lightly, it’s what freedom is based on. When you decide to stop being a self-herded member of the bi-cameral community, you will come to see that the herd is being systematically lead to the slaughter for the benefit of the ruling elite class that will fight using any means necessary at their disposal to stop any / all changes that they don’t give their approval to first. With this type of control over you, your life can be guided beyond perception to the satisfaction of those who stand behind the curtain. The best slaves to have are the ones that take care of themselves, think and act how the masters want, while perceived freedom keeps the cost of ownership and maintenance to a minimum giving the ruling class more time freedom and abilities to live life beyond what your controlled mind can imagine. Second, capitalism is based on competition not protectionism and regulations. If you want to see real change that you can believe in, stop protecting the status quo. End the regulated monopoly, bring back competition, dump the dead weight, and watch your life improve right off the charts. We’re not talking anarchy here. Everyone is responsible for what they do. Everyone becomes a part of the solution and those who willingly create problems will pay the price for those actions. Third, do you like the way your life is going for yourself and loved ones. Are you doing what you want to do or are you doing what you have to do? Have you thought about what you really want or are you stuck in a rut without a clue of how to escape. Now come along on a journey and imagine a world where you decide how you want your life to go. Imagine a world where you benefit from your labor / profession and are not forced to pay of other peoples lifestyle. This is a world where technology will raise all standards of living while choking off the parasites who get money for nothing. Are you tired of the boom / bust cycle, afraid of losing your job & the things you are working for. Then come along and join the Sonic Boom Economy that only grows with everyone who wants to work. It’s time to turn your backs on the defenders of the faith / status quo and laugh all the way to the bank. Don’t let the media and political machine tell you what your American dream is.

The American dream IS whatever each individual American dreams about creating in their lives. Stop listening to the institutions that depend on you for their survival, since they will do anything including pointing a loaded gun in your face to stop you from walking out the prison gates to freedom and a life you were meant to live. Here is a visual aid for those who watched Vanilla Sky starring Tom Cruise. Flash to the scene near the end of the movie. Cruise (You) is considering if he should jump off the top of a sky scraper. Technical support (Neothink) told him he must do this to awake from a coma and start living his life and if he doesn’t he will waste his life away dreaming. All of a sudden Kurt Russell (The institution) appears and starts a frantic plea for him not to jump off the building.  Russell (The institution) states if Cruise (You) jumps he would fall to his death, and desperately tries to convince Cruise (You) that Russell (The

institution)  is needed, his purpose is valid and what a mistake it will be if he doesn’t listen to reason. Cruise (You) turns to Technical Support (Ne-Think) asks what he should believe, Technical support (Neothink) replies you have to decide for yourself. Cruise (You) takes a moment for a brief reflection and then everything becomes clear. As Russell (The institution) realizes he has lost the argument and spirals off into silence as Cruise (You) race toward the edge he stops, looks down and with the excitement of knowing he is breaking through he jumps. Cruise (You) wakes up in the life he was meant to live. In conclusion, if there are any doubts or questions pending then you must fall back on your ability to think for yourself and do some research to find the answers you seek. The proof of a ruling elite class is shown in the businesses that are “to big to fail” and the others that get no bid / competition contracts with the government.

These are not real businesses. These are little more than ploys to transfer unimaginable beyond huge sums of cash into the pockets of those who from banking and investing to the industrial military complex drain the public of a majority of the resources for their personal gain A.K.A. “The Bail Out”.

You remember that thing you never had the right to vote on. Yes, where the Federal Reserve (As Federal as Federal Express) stepped in and said we must pay off (reward) all the people who were responsible for crashing our economy and burning the majority of the public wealth down with it. Here is one last thing to consider. You go to work day in & day out trying to do the right thing, raise your family, and you have very little to show for it.

Maybe you wonder why you even bother, and when you think you just can’t deal with any more garbage you sit down to escape into T.V. Land. Flipping through the channels you see thousands of people in other countries around the world burning our flag, Uncle Sam hanging from a noose on fire, chanting death to Americans and America. Why do these people want to kill you and destroy your country when all you have ever done is work your tail off trying to keep your head above water? The answer is while you are doing your part to support the system, the ruling elite class is also over in their country stirring things up for their own benefit of course and when it starts to hit the fan, the media spins it off as American interest are at stake and we have to defend the ruling elite classes empire. I can go on for days about all this garbage and the thing of it is that you already knew almost everything I’ve said here. Let’s face it, this has been going on for a few thousand years now, yea some things have changed through the years as we slowly advance through time, but the underlying cause has never changed.

If we don’t eliminate the underlying cause then very little can change no matter how much technology advances, which won’t be much longer before it spirals out of control. It’s crazy how most people think the world is coming to an end, when this world won’t come to an end for another 500 Billion years when the sun becomes a red giant. The human race may come to an end long before then if the public fails to wake up and stop the death spiral we may enter at some point in the future. So again I ask you, what do you want out of life for yourself and your loved ones? A bright future filled with hope & promise or death to us all? The choice is clear, Make the Leap, choose life, and choose The Twelve Visions Party by supporting MarkHamilton.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for all your efforts to wake up the public.



I joined Mark Hamilton’s Neothink® Society because of the enormous amount of mental stimulation I found within the Society. There are thousands of pages inside the Neothink® Society library, this information is such a valuable asset to gaining iron grip control of everything in my life, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I highly recommend everyone join the Neothink® Society for the love, compassion, understanding, and the willingness of all the members to reach out and help each other and to work together towards common goals.

The Twelve Visions Party® and the Neothink® Business Alliance work closely together to bring Wealth, Health, and Peace to everyone in this country, Including the Poor! There is an opportunity for anyone in this country that is willing to take responsibility for everything you do in order to live a better life, and to lift yourself up out of the suppressed class, the working class, and move into the wealthy elite class. That opportunity is readily available for anyone who wants it; Mark Hamilton has given us a blueprint on how to achieve this in his book, Wealth, Health, Peace!!!

With the Twelve Visions Party® and with the information in Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature everyone can live the exhilarating life we were meant to live!

Wealth, Health, Peace for Everyone!

With love, Kenneth Townsend