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Before receiving and accepting the invitation to join the Neo Think Society, by Mark Hilton, I was unaware that I was living a life filled with external authority’s (religions and politicians)dishonest illusions, which instilled mystical-illness upon me and family, and society as a whole.

After reading the Prime Literature, provide by the Neo Think Society, I came to the conclusion that the power that be, was taking away my rights, as an individual and the rights of the masses to control our lives for a common good. Further more, I found by their enactments of this common good to the masses, their purpose was to make us depended on them for our survival. With these programs (common good), they have instilled laziness into the masses, in order to make us easier to control and depend on them.

This illusionary system that we all live under today, is setup with altruistic sound good approaches to steal real earned values from society, while producing little value on its own, if any. Research will show that they will cause problems where none exist just to come to your rescue with more lies and illusions, to make you more dependence on them. They need you to believe in their illusions, in order to exist. I find that our lives and happiness doesn’t mean anything to them because their agenda is to build more power for themselves, at any cost to you and your family. In other words, the cause justifies the means.

Moreover, I find through my own integration of the Prime Literature that there have been collaborations between dishonest government and dishonest business that forms the White Collar Hoax throughout the world. This elite group was setup to take unfair advantage of the masses by stealing their earned values, with wide-spread illusions of social good. With their illusions, I find that they have managed to corrupt our business industries, as well as, our education systems, which are the backbone of all our creative values to society. Yes, government involvement in the matter of business and education can only lead to destruction of real values in human life and happiness. I find that government has no place in business because its job is to protect the people only and not anything more. Now, it’s apparent for all to see, as I do, that this corrupt establishment is crumbling every day due to the people waking up from their illusions of lies.

While integrating the Prime Literature, I find in myself the person I was meant to be and living the life I was meant to live. Now I’m experiencing real wealth, health and romantic love, of which I never knew, existed. My advantages entailed, living by depending on my own internal authority, to set me free from a world of illusion and lies? In reference, this is what Jesus taught us. The god within! Know your own powers.

I have learned from the Prime Literature, that man must be managed by the Prime Law, so that  justice isn’t left up to flawed man’s own interpretations of laws. I also find that this is the greatest discovery by the Neo Think Society, and a gift to us all. When the individual rights are protected, all rights are protected.

Now, the Neo Think Society has given us the tools to further evolve into the next evolution of the mentality of honest minds. The main tool is the Twelve Vision Party. This political party will revolutionize the world by depoliticizing America and deregulating and by getting rid of all inappropriate laws enactment and policies. Furthermore, it will throw out of office all dishonest careen politicians. Then we will replace them, with real businessman that has some sense regarding the honest capitalist business system. Thereafter, we will become aware that the crime rate will fall sharply, and there will be no more wars, so that peace can abide here on world. Because herein, with dishonesty, you have all your causes of problems in society, today.

With the TVP in place, we will make all of the people rich including the poor and elderly. We will cure all sickness and aging with the Neo Think principles. Furthermore, everyone will be able to create values for society each and everyday, where we can watcher prices fall toward zero. As did the computer industry. Just think about it, with prices falling, your buying power will increase greatly.

I know that Mark Hamilton has been attacked and will be again by those that don’t want you to know about their illusions, but honesty does need a defense. This great and humble man have bought to the world the most integrates value creation of our time, the Neo Think society. I know that we must adhere to his gifts to the world in order to survive.

Now it’s time to take back your responsibilities from the dishonest careen politicians, and step ward as a self-leader, to value create our future. I would love everyone that is reading my testimonial to join me in this journey into an honest mentality but, if not, I have been prepared by Mark Hamilton, to go it alone. Yes, I’m willing to save you myself, from your mystical self, because there is no greater meaning to life’s happiness than the conscious being.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, for this great gift of the Neo Think Society!

Otto B


I was inspired to write this message after reading the newest Neothink Warrior Newsletter. This letter was sent through email.


These newsletters are intense and full of pure love, passion, and integrations. I can’t express enough the gratitude and appreciation I feel for you and the role you are playing in this supper puzzle. As well as the rest of you. I am so grateful for these opportunities and these wonderful relationships.

Everyone in this thread is a power player. Everyone in this thread excelling at a rapid pace and it’s only going to get faster…and I LOVE it!

I wanna say something however and I say this with Honesty:

I have been “slacking” on my communication and slacking on my responsibilities to this elite group, the Neothink Warriors. I have not been giving my 100% effort towards this. I have not been giving 100% effort towards myself or my beliefs either. Those days are over. I’m moving forward, RUNNING forward, with integrity and fully integrated honesty. We are reaching the bouncing off point..the tipping point..whatever you wanna call it we are at that point..I can feel and I bet you can too.

I don’t have any excuses for why the Warrior website is not up yet. Here is the truth though. It is not up because things have not been in place, not lined up to launch it. I wanna share with those of you on this thread that I have not only made a website to host this newsletter but I’ve also put together an entire community for us warriors. This community is not for chit chattin and dilly dally but oriented around projects and getting things done..moving things forward to protect MH ,TVP, NT and to build them rapidly at the same time…thats what we warriors do. But the community is not ready yet. It’s “physically” ready, up and running, and has been sense about 3 days after I took on the project but this will be started right and It will be powerful and the most effective it can be. It will be fully ready soon so just be patient with me and know it’s working out to our ultimate advantage.

Everything in the society is fairly loosely knit and not moving forward at a quick enough speed to make what we want to happen come into reality in the time needed. We have 30 months to get a TVP president elected and don’t have even anywhere possibly close to enough people stepping up and fully committed to this movement to make this happen. Yes, we are making AMAZING progress and yes we are moving fast but not with full power and full control..not like we could be. It’s time for this loosely knit society to come together and move forward as one solid force knocking down barriers and climbing over mountains to get what we want. It’s time to get rid of these limited beliefs we have, this disease of mysticism. We will have a TVP president elected in 2012. We will complete project life in just a couple years…all we have to do is get ride of these limited beliefs we have that are holding us all back from making this a reality. If you disagree with me and believe you have no mysticism and limited beliefs, well that is a limited belief in itself until you have the results to prove it.

I’ll be honest with you I have LOTS and LOTS of limited beliefs and lots of mysticism in my mind that has held me back..maybe more than all of you who knows but we all know we have these limited beliefs and its time to stop being so..kind to each other..for lack of a better word and push each other and push each other and push each other into new realms of consciousness..into Neothink. We must push each other as a family pushes it’s family members. A mom doesn’t let her son just slide by in school below she pushes her child into be the best he can be and yeah they get into arguments and disagreements but we all know the next day they have a hug of agreement and move forward together as soul mates. A family is only as strong as it’s weakest member..that holds true to an extent within our family we have here in the Neothink Society. I believe we need to push each other out of these very limited beliefs and out of this anti-civilization and its ruthless grip of dishonesty and irrationality.

Who am I to come out of know where and say these demanding things? I’m a young neothink man speaking my heart, my true feelings, and what I observe…and a young man that want’s to live forever. I’m doing as I preach and pushing my family, my soul mates forward…I want to see us flying our jets to meet each other to discuss our next moves. I want to see us smiling all day, living the lives we were meant to live. I wanna see us all evolve into what a God-Man really is. I wanna see succeed and win at everything we do..and the only thing stopping this from happening is our limited beliefs. We are in control of this world..we have the anit-civ by the go-nads and it’s time to be ruthless. Mark has shown he is ready, TVP is ready, Neothink is ready. Ready to unleash, ready to unleash a ruthless wrath of honesty..and there is nothing to be afraid of. We have control of the situation..the war. Are you ready?

I believe in Mark Hamilton and this Neothink Movement. I believe in the power of evolving into the Neothink Mentality and the power of removing limitations. I believe in every one of you because you know what I know and have read what I have read. I believe Mark has givein us more than enough of what we need to make this happen and I believe EVERYTHING we need to succeed already exist on earth..we just need to pull it all together…and that is what the Neothink Society is for. I’m also willing to die for what I believe in.

We have to be completely OBSESSED with this, this movement and more importantly this upcoming election, and it must be in the sweet spot..we all know this.

We have 30 months to get TVP president elected…

It’s time to run family.

Lets run for F. R. W, lets run for Mark Hamilton, lets run for humanity, lets run for our friends, lets run for our families, lets run for our soul mates…lets run for ourselves. We have in our hands the ONLY product EVERYONE on earth eventually needs..Neothink…the only thing that will save earth and allow the Civilization of the Universe to actualize. It’s up to us..period.

with honesty and love,

Trenton Seymour