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Hello Mark,

It is with great honor that I send this email to you to let you know the information that I have received has been most rewarding.  When I say most rewarding is the fact that somewhere in the back of my mind, the information turned on the light that I felt existed.  All the information was not new to me but reaffirmed that life does have true meaning and a chance to truly live. With Neothink one receives the opportunity to seek within oneself and find their God-given talents, not manmade duties. One receives opportunity to explore, and not remain in stagnation.  Although I am a newcomer and have not exhaled at this point, the information does enlighten my understanding of the world in which we live.  I truly support this information and hope to successfully become the person I am meant to be. The history provided seems so practical and responsible for the world in which we live in today. Ha, what a sad life.  If I can do anything to help enlighten or  increase the knowledge of the cause for our destruction and stagnation to man-kind and open the eyes of the innocent, so they will have a chance to live, I will be delighted.

Thank you,

Janet G.


To my mentors:For some people the following is not common knowledge since at the time of broadcast most people are asleep.
When you are ready for Neothink to utterly explode, I suggest going to . It is an open forum who’s audience spans worldwide, is the largest in Radio broadcasting, is already open minded to such things, already practicing concepts of manifestation and intention, and has yet to Not crash a website during the broadcast in order to check it out.
If this has been done already, then its time for another show because before we were known as Secret Society and not Neothink . Plus it can promote New Jersey, Texas, California. Go to the site, click contacts and email Lisa the show’s producer . Personally it’s time and the Time is Now.
From One who know Synchronicity,
Bill L


As a Level One apprentice member and as I continue my journey!  I have never been through such a revelation in my life!  I feel strong, energized and most importantly very confident !  In reading this email I can’t help but to stand for what I feel is right and I don’t want anyone or anything to take that away!!  Mark Hamilton, you are incredible!  You have been great to me and this is just another obstacle to get over and with apprentices like me and the society we are here for you!! Stand for what you believe in and everything else will see itself through!             

 Orlando P


My journey began in earnest when I received a letter in the mail which I had to send back which I did. The letter stated I was searching for something but had not grasped yet. This was indeed true but I could never quite put my finger on it. It was elusive but I knew and felt that I would hear and read the booklet anyway. I was quite skeptical as I had been lied to many times before.
The booklet arrived as promised and it contained stories in it which were clever and all had a common denominator theme even though I was unable to see it right away. The stories were varied and quite interesting and thus I read it within a day. About a week passed and I received another letter with an offer. It was for money and they would send me a book. I became extremely skeptical after that but it did have a money back garantee so I decided I had nothing to lose and wrote out the check.
I received the first massive book and then the second and finally the third. Some parts were harder to read then others but I read them all. They were about various subjects that I had always thought but never was sure of. This literature was justification, I felt, that I was not alone in my thoughts. As I thought more deeply about the themes and how they all went to the very core or essence of what ever was written about.
The sleeper had awakened. I saw things as they really were and the motivations of the people, over a very brief time. Some people were on top and seamed like they did not care while the people on the bottom of the ladder seamed the most genuine. I found out why after reading those books by Mark Hamilton.
I then received an email which directed me to a site. I went there and after paying a small fee, I saw my mentor ,Mark Hamilton, on my Screen for the first time. After 12 months I learned even more while listening to his video’s. Everything that was talked about was eye opening and I was not the only one who partook of this knowledge.
Many people learned as I did I found out later. Eventually Everyone united at this websites’ forums. Everyone shared their individual insights, gifts, and knowledge. The fledgling community was being built just as it must have been foreseen. The knowledge flowed freely between everyone which was known simply as fellow searchers. As time and knowledge
passed between us all, our little community began to grow and flourish. The many people who became enlightened and then awakened was extraordinary.
Because of this enlightenment the old paradigm or old way of doing things started to see the writing on the wall. The old paradigm had to fight back as they worked better in the shadows. Our little group ,with the help of others accross the earth, shall end up changing this paradigm now. We are uniting all over the globe now. In unity there is strength. We all have differences and idiosyncrasies but that is what makes us unique. The ability to rational and calmly discuss our veiw different view points and arrive at a mutaul understanding of the isssue at hand. The opposition wants everybody to be the same, slaves.
The many are controlled by the few through one thing, which has many subparts to it. Fear. A branch of that fear is anger. Knowing this I do not hate people but pity those that do so. Love is the oposite to fear. Acceptance of diversity leads to strength. Since we are all one anything else would be to self inflict pain.(?) Many people are now “AWAKE”. People are aware now of all the lies and progaganda they have been told.
To achive vitory for humankind and remove our invisible shakles, we have started a political party called The Twelve Visions Party. When we unite under this banner we will. take our world back. The time is now to come and first learn about what is now apparent to all. There will be many attacks against people who have united ,physical and slanderous. The main stream media, which hardly nobody believes anymore, will constantly begin to attack The Neothink Society and its ideals. Everyone has a right to their opinion as long as you have heard BOTH sides. The difference between us,The Neothink society and the person who started it all, Mark Hamilton, is we will listen and then judge by its essence if it is true or false. If the statement is true then we would integrate it and if the knowledge is not true discard it as an untruth.(awk)
In conclusion, A war for your mind is here. After you gain all the knowledge make your decision. The truth always surfaces for it is light and therefore not afraid to show itself and does not cower. Many great thinkers from various time periods knew this little fact and were punished for it. Now that there are many awake a new era is upon us. There will be a “fight” as the old paradigm dies and the new one emerges. Unification is power and light! Discussion is the key to any differences of opinion only if both sides agree to it in good faith. With all of this said I have one final word and that is Unite!


Good evening Mark Hamilton.

I have just finished a conference call with my ateam and we were discussing the extremely difficult requirements that California has to register a new party and to get on the ballot. Our TVP representative brought up the fact that other states were much more lenient than others to acheive these two things.

I have been thinking hard on this for several days now and, as it is something that has always bothered me, it really hit home with the information in your last email to me. So I asked the group Why is it so difficult? Who has put these things into place to make it so difficult and by whose or what authority?

We know the answer to the Why question from the information we have learned from the manuscripts. It’s simple; so they can hold onto their power by minimizing the competition.

I asked the TVP representative to look into the other two questions because I feel that this needs to be questioned by every voter.

You see, every voter has the right and privilege to vote for whomever they choose in America, as we both well know, but, the choices are only on the ballot or as a write-in. By impeding a candidate’s ability to be known by the voters by being on the ballot is fraudulent, pure and simple. People should be outraged by this. Everyone always complains about the limited choices we have for candidates.

I think this needs to be challenged. I want to know who gave them the right to impose such exaggerated processes to be put into place. I want them to prove to me that these things are morally and ethically proper. I do not think that they can but it would sure keep them off balance for a bit if the cry for this kind of accountability was aimed at them, and maintained by an evergrowing voice , both in numbers and volume.

This might keep at least some of the focus off of you while they juggle to keep their balance. This is just one idea but we could be using the tactics that they use on us to distract us from what they are really doing. White Hat neo-cheating? Mark, I think we also need to be on the offensive with these clowns as well as on the defensive. I’m reasonably certain that you have some ideas and plans on this as well so I wanted to make a small contribution in this direction.

On another note, I am working on a new testimonial to add to the other 2. I don’t know if the other 2 are to be used , but I wanted to continue the theme set there in them. Please let me know as it has a huge bearing on how I write it.

Thank you for listening.

Have a good evening,