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Our countries’ and most other political systems worldwide, are approaching chaos. A new, honest and effective, reality based approach is needed. The Neothink® Societies, Twelve Visions® movement, created by Mark Hamilton, is the only achievable way myself, my family, my country and eventually the entire world can progress out of the present quagmire we are in. Obviously the current system is not working.
To improve my life and the lives of all Americans and eventually all honest people living on our planet, we need to change not only our dishonest leaders but our failing political system. The Twelve Visions Party® arm of The Neothink® Society is the vehicle to achieve this needed, reality based honest change…
Accordingly, I and other Neothink® Society members believe and will actively work towards achieving, through the Twelve Visions® Party, the one and ONLY valid purpose of government…
PROTECTION… against initiatory force, coercion and fraud.



Dear Mark,

Since I was a small child, I have known I have a destiny.
I realized early on that I was not like everyone else, though I tried very hard, I just never fitted into
the standard mold.

I have seen a lot of history in the making in my life.
I have seen a lot of changes in this great country.

I realized long ago, that the powers that be, were somehow keeping people controlled,
and held back from their dreams. I almost totally gave up on my own, in despair.

I realized that, by keeping people suppressed to the level of minimal survival, you barely had time
to observe, think and really “see” the big picture of what was occurring and slowly and covertly
eroding our country.

I searched for answers. I studied the great religions, philosophy, and many other subjects.
There were answers, but it always seemed that there was missing or altered data gaps when it came to the ultimate solution.

Then, you somehow found me.
I will admit that I originally got into this entire thing to survive better.
Little did I know, to the extent that my knowledge and survival potential would increase.

I did know that violence, and what was done to a human being, was the basic cause of
the insanity I observed all around me. Man will survive (or believe he is surviving) at any cost.

In our sessions, I began to get the overall picture, and finally integrate the data.

When I first heard about the political system, I was not really interested in politics,
but when I gained an in-depth knowledge of the Prime Law, something happened.

It is the ultimate answer. A law which would forbid Violence, coercion and fraud?
Yes, if this could happen, then it would indeed free us all and keep us free.

I could now see how this could change the entire world.
It is the solution to Man’s inhumanity to Man.
It is the solution to crime, war and poverty.
It is the solution to playing a better, survival game for all of us,
because there are no losers in this game. All have the basic ability and
the opportunity to win, if they so choose.
It firmly and simply establishes Justice for all.
It anchors morals and right action with fair practices and
totally integrated honesty.

It is the ultimate solution.

It is my basic goal in life.

I have always known I had a destiny….
To help Man to be free, prosper and live well, in health and in peace.
Yes, I am a part of the ultimate solution.
I fit into this puzzle picture, easily, because it is who I was meant to be.

I am eternally grateful for your genius, your courage and your efforts
to bring this to actuality. That is indeed a huge, and awesome responsibility.

Our purpose is integrated and lazer focused.
Our agreements are solid ,unshakeable and unstoppable.

I have total intention to take responsibility, along with all others,
to make this happen. Whatever it takes, within the Prime Law to do it.
We already have the Victory.

Unconditional Love, and to help you to Create Eternal Value for All.
Your Apprentice, Claire Racine
fliight ollson



I have read a portion of your first manuscript ” Package of Inside Secrets” and found it to be thought provoking.

I did not send away for your second heirloom package so I can’t comment on it.

However, I did order the third package, the very large 3-part volume titled ” Package of Miss Annabelle’s Secrets” and did read that massive volume cover to cover.  I judged that information to be very uplifting and optimistic.  What a wonderful world we would live in if the government would just do the one thing is it supposed to do and that is to protect us.  If the government would adopt the protection only constitution, the Twelve Visions platform and protect us from dishonest, greedy people then this entire world would be a better place to live in as humanity would prosper greatly.

I’ve enjoyed listening to your meetings but because of work demands, I have not finished listening to all of the Level 9 sections and I just got my invitation to listen to the level 10 meetings.  I hope to get back to listening to them soon.

I am feeling in my heart that the Twelve Visions Party becomes a national success.

Dr. John Z

Member, Neothink Society


Dear Mark Hamilton,

It goes beyond words what Neothink has done for me and my life. It has been absolutely without any doubt that Neothink has improved my life for the better. To say that it is incredibly amazing is putting it mildly. I find it very crucial and essential to have Neothink in my life just like food and water. Through everything I have learned I have been able to see past illusions to see the essence of what really is. Especially the illusions of career politicians and congressmen and other big government agencies. Big government and big corporate executives thinking only of themselves and how much power they can get instead of thinking of the people. I have learned how to be a self-leader and not be swayed or moved by external authorities who try to make us think they are only doing things for the “social good.” Mark Hamilton and Neothink is the best thing to come to society, humanity and mankind. I am glad to be a part of it and the next higher thinking of mankind. I cannot stress enough how Mark Hamilton, Neothink and The Twelve Visions Party are essential and crucial to not only America but to the entire world. I will always be eternally grateful to have Neothink in my life.


Walter L. Burton