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Mr. Mark Hamilton, in my opinion, is a truly remarkable visionary to say the least. A man of great honesty and integrity. I believe if I could somehow articulate the impact of his teachings on MY life, that it would read like some overstated fairytale. In reality, it would be understated fact. I couldn’t possibly thank him enough.
This man saw something special in me that I had trouble seeing for myself. Thanks to him, I went from seeing no possible way out, to seeing no possible way to fail. He gave me a knowledge that allows me to recognize deceit even if he himself were the perpetuator. Priceless.
Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party is something I believe we should ALL be lining up around the block to support. His belief in the equality and importance of EVERY SINGLE individual means that by default HIS success is EVERYONE’S success. So to is his failure.
I couldn’t envision how my life would be without being exposed to Mark Hamilton and Neothink. Well, actually I could, but why put myself through such misery? My outlook is so much brighter now that I have been. Yours will be too if you place a little faith In this man.
Mr S.D. W


The Twelve Visions Party will create a protection only government, allowing for the end of the ruling classes and the creation of a civilization where justice and equality prevail.  A civilization where business, science, and art produces never ending values for its’ citizens.  A civilization where efficiency goes up and the cost of living comes ever increasingly down.  This may all sound a little “too good to be true” but let’s all make up our minds when we see what can really be done with Neothink and the TVP.  Nothing so far has worked and the more I investigate and explore my membership in the Neothink Society the more I am convinced these are the best Ideas I have heard concerning changing the system and living in a world free of fear and pain.