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The Twelve Visions and Mark Hamilton have taught me how to become a self leader and to build my life around my essence.


Neothink transformed my life. It changed me. It gave me the power to think for myself, see what I am creating, and how to take control of that picture for a phenomenal outcome. It reassured me of my essence, my love for my work in life and has brought many good opportunities, people, circumstances and happenings that never could have been predicted.



In three years my life has changed from one of an old bored, and maybe depressed retired lady to an active woman who is involved in making the world a better place; and my own self a better person in the package. After retirement from a very happy and busy career of 47 years I was just useless and getting nowhere fast. Mark Hamilton’s letter said that he chose me. I do not know why he chose me, but I am sure glad that he did. I bought that first wonderful book, Inside Secrets, and my life began to soar. I continue to get better all the time. Yes I am busier than when I was working at the top of my career but I am also so happy doing what makes me happy. I have learned to accomplish at least three time what I used to do in a day and I just keep going. I basically have three businesses now that I am running and all are growing. Just want to say thank you to Mark Hamilton for choosing me and teaching me to be my own person, to run my own businesses, how to find my essence, what I was created to do. On top of all that for over a year now I have been at my ideal weight. I am extremely healthy and strong for age 73. The answer to success is in Mark’s book, Inside Secrets. Thank you Mark Hamilton, Peace, Health and Wealth for all of us, Nellie