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Dear Mark Hamilton:
Your books are so phenomenal I don’t even know where to begin. Sometimes I feel you have looked directly into my heart. A lot of the things you have written I have felt for so many years. I can honestly say I don’t know how long I have felt this way except to say I can go back to before 1981. God is within and so is the truth which we should all tell even when it hurts.

I am truly looking forward to reading more of your books and putting your words to practice. Even though I could never have put your words in such eloquent terms, your story (theories?), could have been mine. I am by know means trying to usurp what you have written but we as a society should never fall into the illusion of thinking that the “authorities” are always right and we should just fall in line.

Because your words are my life, I would gladly follow you to the ends of the earth to help deliver your message. We are all leaders and we all have the ability to be successful in life and live our Friday night essences. I don’t quite know how to say this but your twelve visions are right on! When are we starting? In fact, I am going to start recording and posting on the internet some messages I have been working on for a few years now. May I incorporate some of your words or ideas? I will keep everything discreet as to the source of my new deeper understanding of various issues unless you say otherwise.

Even though this is temporary, my funds are a little tight right now. I will be ordering my third heirloom package on the 1st of October. I can’t wait to receive it and, even though I am reviewing the first six books, they were so comprehensive, I have to stop, go back, and slow down so the messages can stick and go deeper into my consciousness. And because they are so comprehensive, I feel like I already have it memorized though I know I don’t.
I will follow your lead but I am eager to get started spreading your message!

Percy W. Vera II


Mid-stream being in this case, one’s life…could happen at mid-life or any point in one’s life. And the horses being means thru which one travels thru this life and beyond. There is belief that you can never change course in life…once you have made up your mind. Or rather had your mind made up for you. Everyone in society is trying to mold you into something that fits society’s needs…while your needs are given short shift; down graded to dreams lost….
So…you have started on this journey on the path. The path being in this case…the means/way/methodology of attaining that higher state/purpose of being. Neothink gives you that better way to cross the streams of this life in the most efficient and clear-headed way. And it all has to with Mark Hamilton providing the methodology/way of attaining your true worth as a human being. And that is reaching your compete potential… thru Neothinking your way out; instead of reacting your into further the quicksand of life! Using the techniques given by Mark Hamilton…one is able to not only change horses in mid-stream but also get brand new horses in the bargain!
It all comes down to integrating the lessons/meeting essences into reality.
This is by seeing reality for what it is…that existentially we are brought down…but thru Neothink, we can rise to any level we want. It all takes is willingness to learn and adapt successfully the life altering principles of Neothink.
By seeing that it all essentially falls on the individual…we are made captains of our fate! For personal responsibility implies an innate knowledge of karma; and how karma works. Basically…karma makes us ethical. And by accepting our selves as the movers of our own fate; we free ourselves from the chains that society wishes to impose on us to keep us sedated and under control.
This makes us citizens of the world instead of citizens of part of it…thereby making our vision more holistic and whole!
For laws should be made from man…not God or the gods that may be imaged!!!
Thereby insuring equality and fair treatment for all citizens…Neothink citizens!


to who it may concern,
i think the twelve visions is a good foundation for society to follow in their lives. the Neothink society has a lot to offer society. their thoughts and ideas help people realize their potential in society. one to follow their Friday night essences and help themselves improve their lives through thoughts of accomplishment in their lives.
two to improve their health in realizing their freedom to improve their life style.
three to follow their dreams as to the life they want to live and prosper in dealings with life. these are a few of the influence the society has to offer to every person in the society. government has too strong restrictions of life improvements trying to control a person’s life and actions. so many rules and restrictions to govern the public.
leaving people to lead stale lives with no advancement to think for themselves.
its time for a change politics as we know them has down nothing for the working people
because without the workers in society no tax base would be continued and the rich do not contribute to the tax base because they write off their expenses and lay the burden on the workers. these are a few of the lessons we have learned by thinking for ourselves. i thank Neothink society for giving food for thoughts and opening our eyes to this problem of our society in the present time.
When I was introduced to the Neothink Society, I had just lost my wife to cancer a few months earlier. I kept to myself and didn’t say much about anything. It was affecting my job. I was on the verge of losing my job. Neothink helped me change that. I took my life back. I started thinking for myself. I have become a leader at work. I have coworkers tell me they could see a big change in me. Many people come to me for help.
I believe in the Twelve Visions Party because we need a change in the government. We are losing are freedoms one at time and most people don’t see it. TVP is going to put an end to this. We will get our freedom back. TVP is for the people. My thanks go out to Mark Hamilton with all of heart.
I can’t wait to see what the future brings.
Thank you Mark Hamilton,
Mike T



I have learned so much form reading the three heirloom book and the Pax book as well. All of it makes more sense then going against my own nature and doing things that did not make me happy. No I did not turn into a millionaire yet but I am working my way there and I do not want to be in a routine rut all of me life I started writing my first book and I am working on getting patterns for my inventions. I realized that a title means nothing and your not able to control someone else’s intake or reaction to a situation. Biological immortality is absolutely possible only if there in more of a drive for it from the public I also learned that the pieces of the puzzles do fit together as long as you work on them. Minnie days are efficient and I use the life chart on the first day of every month. I have a abundance of useful knowledge from reading these book and I highly recommend the lessons in them to everyone Mark Hamilton is not a monster he is a eye opener asking you not to glance at the world around you but to inspect it and find everything that you will ever need from within it especially yourself. He talks about Friday night essences really and truly looking into yourself in order to find what your good at. Then creating something out of it instead of being a producer for the rest of your life reaching the end and wishing you had done something different really grabbed on and followed your dreams.



Reading the three Manuscripts by Mark Hamilton has changed my life. My child of the past was awakened and I am anxiously awaiting the Twelve Visions World.

Only through the Twelve Visions Party, founded by Mark Hamilton, can this be possible. Dishonest career politicians will be silenced, Big Government will be taken down. It will be replaced by a Protection-Only Government guided by the flawless Prime Law.

In the Twelve Visions World, everybody will become rich, including the poor. We will all have productive jobs following our Friday-Night Essences. We will all live longer, Healthier, and happier lives.

Peace be with you.

Jill S



Mark Hamilton this world is truly a better place with you in it and through your literature I am becoming  a person who is adding values to my life and to society.

When I received my first letter from you my state of mind was that I was living in a world of illusions. This world we live in will have you think you’re crazy to go after your dreams. I felt that I was being conditioned to fit into society. Through your literature I have found that seemingly impossible dreams can be achieved routinely when you have the power to see through appearances to the powerful essences. When you go to the essence of things, then no outside appearances make any difference at all. You must forge ahead on your own no matter what appearances develop around you.

Before reading your literature I had never asked myself the question: What is the reason for living ? I have now found that reason, and it is happiness, and I have learned that achieving my dreams is the way to generate happiness.

I have learned to look for the common denominators, that something in common, Beneath my dreams. What I found is they make us happy and are a value to others. Forging ahead after my dreams makes me happy and that happiness comes from bringing values to myself and others. I found that wonderful feeling of pride and accomplishment that you feel when you accomplish something not only for yourself but something of value to others as well.

Another important thing your literature has provided me with is the knowledge of what every person’s ambition in life is. It is the same for everyone. Every person’s ambition in life is to make one’s living doing what he or she loves most, that which impassions him. Nothing is so stimulating as creating values, its exhilarating, its addicting. It is what man was born to do. Our minds are the only minds on earth that can create values that never existed before. That’s what our minds are made for. That’s what we were born for.

To you Mark Hamilton I say thank you, for you have added joy, happiness and purpose to my life.



When I got that letter from Mark Hamilton a year and a half ago, it got my attention. I never seen a letter so well thought out. This letter was the third awakening that got me into imagining a better world for all of us.

The first awakening was a spontaneous one. I woke up in April 2003. I looked around me and for the first in my life, everything made sense to me. I remember being truly happy.

The second awakening was when I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in 2003 It was recommended by a mentor in an MLM I was in. When I finished that book, I realized that I have been taught the wrong financial information in school, and by my mother. In that book, Robert explains what the rich teach their kids about finances, and what the poor and middle class do not.
After reading the first two heirloom packages, almost magically, books I needed to read, people I needed to network with, and more education I needed to study came to me. Also, my Friday Night Essences, writing, and two recent ones, video producing and business development magically came to me. I am working on writing my first book, and developing an online based personal development business. I am learning how to make videos. I also met my soulmate, who lives in the Philippines. We chat every day, and even though we haven’t met physically yet, we love each other.
If I hadn’t received that letter from Mark, My life today would be miserable, with no hope. I am forever grateful to Mark for teaching me that I have the power within me to dictate my destiny.
None of these experiences would have happened if I threw out that letter. If you get this letter, my advise to you is ACT!!


Dear Mark,
Neothink Society, Twelve Vision Party and all the people who are around it. When I first got my invite to get my first manuscript, and heard how special I was, It grabbed hold of me, by your words and the way you said it. This first manuscript was like an adventure into a world I have never seen before in my life it was like Avatar. So much Peace and bliss also Amazement and Awe. I was so thrilled when I got that first manuscript and what you said at the top of the manuscript, intro, and everything in there paint such a masterpiece. But I could not use it for I was stuck in the Anti-Civilization white hoaxes B.S that I could not get out of the endless ocean of lies, illusion and deceit. But I keep it safe and in great condition. As I got manuscript number 2 and read that I could see that we will not be an anti-civilization for long as your 12 visions showed. That we will have wealth beyond all as well as love and compassion for our fellow man beyond anything we have ever felt in the history of this Earth. Plus NO NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST and PEACE FOR ALL MANKIND PERIOD is AMAZING. Also that the advance in Earths Technology will be 100 TO THE x100 POWER is Astounding. If we Advance that fast life will be a blur as new technology comes out to replace old technology. That we will all be geniuses and that we will all find our Essences  and be happy at the job you are at cause it won’t be a Specialized Job with it’s Dead End Cog in the Wheel Lie that keeps businesses going but that all will be geniuses that produce real values to the civilization. And that we will go from an Anti-Civilization to a Twelve Visions World is Awe Inspiring. When I got the Third manuscript I know it will happen period. This book revealed what it will be like to go thru the different phases and that we are prepared for the future no matter what it will be happening. I know that everyone needs to WAKE-UP from this MATRIX ILLUSION Dream State of staying small or not smart enough, or can’t do it attitude cause this is going to happen weather now or later so be prepared cause it is going to be a blissful life for you, your children grandchildren and so on. Do you think we are going to be in a recession forever ha! This will pass as will all the troubles that this world has seen. We will all create and blissful, peaceful future and it will happen.
Thank you once again to me greatest Friends,
Mark Hamilton, Mark Hamilton and The NEOTHINK SOCIETY you are all creating the BEST FUTURE THIS PLANET HAS EVER SEEN OR WILL EVER SEE. I LOVE YOU ALL.
 Your Friend Forever and Ever,