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Has Mark Hamilton Created Heaven on Earth, Here, Today, in the Neothink Society?

This thought occurred to me last night as I was reflecting on the incredible gratitude that I feel for what my life has become… through my own efforts, inspired by Mark Hamilton’s multigenerational manuscripts and interacting with other members of the Neothink Society.

What is Heaven, but a place of golden hearted love, flowing between the precious children of the divine family, living in the constant awareness of the Supreme Love, exciting and eternal value creation for the pleasure and worship of all that is good, limitless growth, and complete understanding of the most exciting opportunity – to assist with the cultivation of the gardens.

Mark Hamilton’s multigenerational manuscripts touched and awakened something inside me… this incredible love and gratitude and understanding. Living this love is ALL THAT MATTERS, and the great joy is to interact with others so that they can discover it too.

What an incredible gift to have a growing bubble of heaven, existing right here on earth, springing from the golden hearts of my brothers and sisters in the Neothink Society.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for finding me, for waking me up, for introducing me to my real family, and welcoming me to my place in this most incredible mission. At times the love is almost more than I can bear. If only this moment could last forever… this love is worth living forever to know and feel every precious moment.

- Yon Cole




      I can barely express in words what Mark Hamilton, Neothink, and the Twelve Visions Party has meant to me over the last 17 years. My exposure to the initial literature expanded my consciousness and tore down the boundaries that had build up in my mind throughout the years prior to Neothink. It was like experiencing the most momentous sunrise the world has ever witnessed, and it happened inside my own mind, heart and soul. Neothink gives us hope for limitless prosperity and eternal joy. It integrates and encompasses everything human beings are meant to be and become. Through the Twelve Visions Party, the people of earth will forge an eternal value based society free of value destroying vestiges of the past. My self-worth, confidence, sense of hope and motivation to be everything that I can be has been deeply influenced by everything Neothink represents. I can’t imagine a world without it. Mark, I support everything you and all other members of the Neothink society are doing to bring our world into a new Renaissance. It will be a Renaissance, an enlightenment, that will surpass all others of the past. We shall soon join our neighbors throughout the cosmos in the application of the geometric expansion of knowledge, forever!  Mr. Hamilton, if you need anything, just ask. Thank you Mark Hamilton. Thank you Neothink.


Dear Mark,

I did this last night before I got your e-mail. It is from my heart. You have brought so many

wonderful things into my life that I will help you to do this no matter what it takes.

If you need more . simply ask. But I find myself driven to write somedays, and I love to do it. One of my FNE’s surely!

I’ll get started on one about what will happen if we do not take our country back and the TVP fails. That will never happen though. We will succeed at this, because we must.

Do protect yourself and your Family first. Businesses and material things can always be re-created, but We need your genius to help guide us. As long as you survive the TVP will

also survive. WE will make it so. I personally will never ever give up on creating this as long as there is breathe in my body!

You cannot stop a thing when it’s time has come.

As desperate as they will get, they will not and cannot defeat us. People will recognize the truth when it is put before them.

There has never been a way for the average person to take action before.

Now there is. That is why the TVP will prevail.

More to come…….more more and MORE.

Unconditional Love……….. to help MH to…. create eternal value.

Clarie R