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To: Mark Hamilton
I received a letter from Neothink Society November 2006. I had been invited to join a exclusive group of individuals from around the world was ready to share their knowledge of how to achieve wealth in all areas of life. My first impression was to go forward and look into this by ordering the Neothink material that had been offered. My first book once I started reading I could not stop it held my attention for days and weeks and weeks turn in to months. I was amazed at the honesty that was shining threw and the knowledge that kept me reading. The wonderful information was eye opening, a wide scope to view life and my life experiences to be able to look at the world in a objective way, and how one can succeed in life. I have to be honest their was some doubt if I would be able to succeed and survive. But the Neothink literature on Self Discovery lit a burning desire within me that took off like a rocket, gave me the confidence to achieve in my life what ever I desired. Since I left my job and started my own company it has been a fast pace of growth. This Year 2009 our company has done ¾ of million dollars in service work in the construction field. We are project next year to be doing 2 to 3 million dollars in service work. We are very excited about the future. Thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Neo think society that believe in helping each individual to find the creative ability that each of us have. Everyday life has become exciting. The mentoring has been life changing. The key is to want more out of life and Neothink offer the tools and knowledge for each individual to go after their dreams and desire. What a wonderful contribution to mankind. Once again that you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society.
Larry J


Before I discovered Neothink I was a lost child and young adult searching for a way out of this horrible life I was living. Soon after I found a way out of poverty, misery and complete un happiness thru Neothink society. This society has help me so much in areas of my way of thinking and handling everyday life. Each day it get better and better. Without the help of Mark Hamilton and our society I would of been a failure in life and not reaching for higher goals in life like I once new before I discovered Neothink and desired so baddly. Now I have many ideas and goals I have set and mainly I want to help and protect this world from corruption but witout Neothink and Mark Hamilton that wouldn’t of come to be. Thankyou Neothink Society and Mark Hamilton very much.