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Mark Hamilton is an individual who can be conveniently described as being ahead of his time. Like many innovators whose panoramic findings left the stagnant status quo mentality of society in the dust, it is to be expected that Mark Hamilton will be attacked as a charlatan and a fraud. A prime example of such a man is Galileo, who based on his numerous, diligent observations of celestial movements deduced that earth and the other planets revolve around the sun rather than the earth. This accurate view earned him the condemnation of heresy rather than the laudatory praises that such a scientific breakthrough deserved.
Neothink is the evolution human thinking. Emphasis is put upon the individual to take responsibility in their lives by creating values for themselves and others. The vehicle for achieving this superior reality is conscious thinking. It requires an open mind and the ability to examine things at face value. Truth and reality flow into insights that emerge as a big picture, a vision of the future.
The Twelve Visions Party seeks to achieve an elevated existence based on the rights of the individual. This is a sentiment that very closely parallels the idea that each person is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A community of individuals introducing innovative values to the public through the free marketplace is certain to exponentially raise our quality of life on a global scale.