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I am a Neothink man creating value by being a member of the twelve party.a new mentality is on the rise in america, wealth,health and peace is our mission. as we look watch the destruction of american society at all level start to crumble. people are loosing their homes and income is slowly fading into nonexistence. I thank Mark Hamilton for providing the tools threw the SELF LEADER SYSTEM. one can start immediately pull themselves out of the rut and following mode of waiting for some external force to save us.we in the society are building a alternative to corrupt parasites that live off the energy of hard working americans. knowledge from prime literature will help every individual to live a exciting life filled with all the possibilities one can dream of. get involved break throught the stagnation trap and fly among the eagles. you can do it i know you can do it. what do you have to loose, maybe give up a social activity where you worship someone else sucess. start investing in yourself and save yourself. learn the prime law which up hold the individual as primary in society, and believe me brothers and sister once you put yourself first and start worshiping and thinking about your own success, magical things will start to happen in your life. I suggest you try it out and see how it feels. take the time and invest in one self and the universe will provide you with a amazing life.


I have been involved with the Neo Think society only a few months so far, and have read most of the three volumes, but not finished yet. The literature that I have been reading has opened my eyes immensely to see through illusions of today. I always knew the unreal situations that happened in this anti-civilization society of my 50 years of living on earth was just not right.
I have seen different things happen with laws being passed by government and political figures that just did not make any sense. Maybe because of those senseless laws are why our country is in the mess were in now. By passing these senseless laws that doesn’t create any value for the people, then the reasoning behind it is GREED!
I want to thank Mark Hamilton for finding me and sharing with me the intelligent information of the TVP and the secrets of these three volumes.
Learning to be a Neo Thinker and a value creater is very exciting, life seems to be more exhilarating now knowing their is more to life than just being stuck in a stagnating rut.
Learning how we all are suppose to be living our lives with immense love, happiness, and value creating for our family’s, friends, neighbors, for everyone!
That type of thinking with Neo Think is absolutely TRUE and should be applied in our every day lives for the goodness sake of all mankind. With the Twelve Visions Party in control, I could say their would be NO more homeless people, their would be NO more hungry or starving people, and creating cures for diseases faster. Everyone would be Neo Thinkers and would be glad to create values for mankind.
Mr Mark Hamilton, I think your a genius.
Thank You for the knowledge I have received and I’m looking forward to more insight into the TVP in the near future. Dave N.