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Dear Mark,

My name Is Matthew McGuire and I am what you can consider a follower. My whole life I have believed there was more to this existence then just living and dying. Yet I got stuck in the anti society just slowly drowning. Then I received my letter to be one of the chosen you could say. I was skeptical, nervous, and to be honest a little scared. Once I received my material I cant lie it took me awhile to get through it and I still haven’t found time to finish it. I thought how me? Why me? I have come to realize I do have a place in this society and it is with the twelve visions party. I have never been a political follower and I still believe I am not. I believe I am in a world altering moment to open the eyes of every person on this beautiful planet of ours.

I hope and pray that we as a whole (every person every where) open our eyes to the anti society we live in, and move into the new Neothink Society before we pass up on another chance to change the spiraling world we live in. I hope Mr. Hamilton that no one ever tries to oppress the world of the Twelve Visions, and I will do all I can to help us keep moving toward.

Your Neothink Warrior,

Matthew McGuire


I think Neothink was a very realistic approach to the truth about existence and a way to create unity in human beings breaking things down to a simple way of just being in the moment and believing what is in the moment is all we really got and need Neothink was about eliminating to many wishful beliefs giving you the principles to take control of your own life instead of giving it over to external authorities which from your own experiences leave you nothing in return, Neothink was about believing we are the truth and way to our own advancement if we just believe it, to me that is what every great teacher and philosopher throughout our history stood for and tried to teach us.


Dear Mark,
Thank you for all that you and NEOTHINK have done. Any person who feels that they have been lied to in life(and we have been) should read NEOTHINK. Any person who feels that there is more to life than struggle (and there is) should read NEOTHINK. Any person with the ability to think for them-selves (or strives for that ability) should read NEOTHINK. Honesty and value production and the right to pursue them are the most important things we possess. The loss of these things and our voices of truth and honesty would leave us all in a far worse place. The people in this world who lie and steal and make their existence and livings off the backs of good value producing people will do anything by any means to stop ANY honest voice it hears. Our very liberties and our right to exist in freedom are quickly being taken away from ALL OF US. Embrace the honest people you encounter and denounce the dishonest cheaters who steal from everyone and drag us all down. Mark Hamilton, you are an HONEST voice in this world and despite what may be said about you and/OR NEOTHINK, NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT FACT. We must all remember one thing. If any person is being attacked for no real good reason than they must be perceived as a threat, and if that threat is the truth and honesty than look at who is threatened by this and ask them why! I will ask why and so will millions of others.
Keep up you good work. You have dedicated your life to making the world a much better place. Please don’t stop. You have my support and I wish you well!
Edward Wright


I would like to start off by saying, I have not fully, or for that matter, not even partially comprehended the information to which I have received from Neothink. There is so much to grasp that it will take a very long time. However, as I read/use the information in my life, I know it is manifesting in ways to which I am not aware. The information when consumed in the soul, takes on a whole new life. It is not information one is use to receiving from the current establishment- anti-civilization. So as I feast on the new knowledge, to myself, I am becoming stronger in my new life which is being created; but only new to me because I have been living in darkness. Now am I beginning to see the life I was meant to live and I am walking in that life with a renewed self-confidence. My ability to see/vision myself in the Twelve Visions World is catching momentum, and I am all for a place in existence when the poor can become rich and live a life of freedom.
Riches, knowledge, and happiness for every man, woman and child.


I really don’t know where to begin, at one time in my life I was a very violent man and nothing seemed to go my way. My entire life I was very luck not to have been in prison for some of the thing that I had done. I always new there was a better way to do things but finding that solution evaded me for 47 years of my life. Yet I did not give up as many people do.

Then one day I received the letter that changed my life forever. At the time it all seemed to good to be true, yes I was skeptical, but thought I don’t have any more to lose, so why not give it a try. The first heirloom book arrived and I read through this amazing manual and things started to change. I realized that I am not due any sort of existence put the existence I make for myself. I went through my entire life thinking I was owed something better than what I had. Yet ever thing was out of my control.

So I learned, that


I have waited three years, enduring “technical difficulties” of epic proportions and other manageable obstacles to add my testimonial.



For most of my life I’ve been in a rut. Spinning my wheels trying to figure out how the pieces fall into place. Mark Hamilton has provide the tools to expand my mind, and understand what it, is I need to take control, of my own life. I’ve never been more Happy in all my days, at least that I can remember.  It’s time to shift the Power back to the people, and let them be in charge of their own existence, to see that we all want the same thing, to be free. And to love one another without prejudice, and to want to lift others up upon the same plain.  
I am greatly appreciative for all the words that have brought me to were I am in life today. Everyone should understand that Mark Hamilton’s best interests lie within their own best interest.  
Thank you, to the late Frank W., and thank you, Mark Hamilton for seeing this through..



I first began receiving invitations to read Neothink literature from Mark Hamilton some years ago. But because I had grown up in, and was still a part of a high control religious cult, I held back from taking advantage of the opportunity, even though I really wanted to. You see, the illusionary cult that I had been brought up in basically forbade its members to read outside literature. This was how they kept tyrannical control over everyone. I eventually broke out of that cult but I was still without any real direction in life and was still affected by the illusions that have been foisted onto us by religion and the political system.

Despite my non-response to their invitations for me to read Neothink literature, the Neothink Society did not give up on me.

And I am forever grateful to Mark Hamilton for his continued confidence in me that I really was a person who could
be valuable to this world.

After I finally responded and obtained the Neothink literature, the information immediately resonated with me.All of my questions about life and the purpose of my existence were answered.I became so excited about life for the first time in my life.

I continued to obtain every piece of Neothink literature that was offered to me. I read it voratiously. I benefited from each one in more ways than I could have imagined.

The Neothink Society and the Neothink literature has made me strong, self-sufficient, and has even given me the desire and the courage to work on opening my own business. Prior to being introduced to the Neothink Society, and the literature, I never thought I would ever even want to have a business of my own.
Additionally, before Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society came into my life, I also did not know what I really wanted to do in life. But after reading one particular piece of their literature, the epiphany that was promised to me really happened. And when it happened I literally jumped into the air!That epiphany showed me that I really love teaching and science and I have always really wanted to be a teacher and a scientist. I was so excited about finally realizing what I should be doing with my life that I walked away from 19 years of civil service employment with no regret and no looking back, to become an entry level scientist and assistant teacher for a small company even at the age of 46. But since I really want my own science company, I am taking integrated steps to eventually open my own science education business.

So, thank you Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink Society!
Your confidence in me as a person, has erased all of the illusions.

Charles Riley



I want you to tell your story of what Mark Hamilton, his literature, and his Neothink S0ciety has meant to you.  I also want you to tell your story of what the success of the Twelve Visions P@rty will mean to you, your loved ones, and to the world.  Contrast all that value to what the silencing of Mark Hamilton, his literature, and the TVP movement would mean for you, your family, and the world…Neothink political structure of government.
I have been a member of the Neothink Society since the spring of 2009.  
I have purchased all of the Manuscripts that were for sale, I was surprised to learn that others were thinking just as I was.  It gave me the feeling that I am not alone.  
The Twelve Visions Party gives wonderful in site into how fair and just it will be when that comes into reality……….  The beginning  is now a reality.  
There is still a long way to go and I will be proud and happy to be counted among those who are in support of Mark Hamilton.
There are different areas of interest in which you can participate in the Neothink Society.  Some are: Joining or starting a clubhouse, business, aging (my interest) and more. Mark Hamilton has done a wonderful job Neothinking this plan for a newer, richer existence for us all regardless of race, color or sex.  

B. Finch



when I joined the Newthink Society I didn’t know much about Mark Hamilton in fact that I didn’t know much about the purpose of my existence , but after reading the multigenerational manuscripts and joining the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party I became very much knowledgeable of Mark Hamilton as a founder of the Neothink Society and what a great discovery it was and still to discover my self through the these great multigenerational manuscripts and movements.
thanks Mark