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I am a member of Neothink. I joined last year in 2009. Since I have been involved in Neothink My life has changed, almost as if I stepped out of a bad dream and re-entered reality. I now think more clearly. I have a drive and purpose that I had never experienced before and I have much more control over my life. As this unlocking worked in me, I was introduced to the twelve visions party. At that moment I realized that I had allowed my life to be lived in a cage, a cage of misery.
Until I was awakened by the twelve visions party I had stopped voting. I had decided that my vote didn’t count. I believed that the cards had already been chosen and the agenda had been decided. I had come to the conclusion that involvement in government meant just going through the motions. The twelve visions party has open a way to which I can affect a positive change for the individual in the United States. It has shown me that government can be honest and that I as an individual matter in bringing about that way of governing. That is why I stand behind the twelve visions party and Neothink.