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Dear mark hamilton,

Thank you!

Before neothink my mind was blind. After reading and integrating the information in your literature, It felt like the veil covering my mind was falling. Neothink showed me how to remove internal and external blocks and limits preventing my body- mind- soul alignment.
I had never before experience happiness in my life like these days. I had never before felt in control of my life and the lifes around me.
Jesus said : my people are suffering because they lack knowledge. I think everyone can practice and acquire that knowledge by reading your literature.

Mark, everytime I read your literature again, my understanding gets deeper and wider.
To me, understanding neothink is like finding multiple gold mines.

Pure love & honesty,
A Neothinker.


Hello, my name is Joe S. and I had the privilege and honor to be invited by Mark Hamilton to become a member of Neothink Society.
Mark Hamilton is a brilliant and honest man that earn my respect and admiration for his creativity and unique mindset that was able to identify and develop a superior level of consciousness named Neothink.
He founded the Neothink Society-an organization that provides its members with prime literature, a profound and honest “secret knowledge”-as the vehicle to achieve, in my opinion, the most empowering and life lifting information on the planet.
Through the prime literature- powerful concepts integrations- Mark Hamilton provides you with effective tools to implement the empowering Neothink mentality. With Neothink you will expand your mind to new levels of consciousness and experience happiness like you never did before, outside the Society.
Life now has a new meaning to me after been exposed to the wonderful values of the prime literature as member of the Society. I learned to take 100% responsibility for my decisions and actions, taking control of my destiny following my own rational and honest self guidance. I no longer look to be guided by any outside influence or authority to make my decisions. Now I move forward and take actions based on my judgment to achieve my dreams and ambitions in life..
After reading and studied the prime literature I realized my purpose in life is to become the person I was meant to be- a Value Creator- living the life I was meant to live- an Exhilarating, Prosperous and Happy significant life!
Marc Hamilton ultimate goal is to change our present upside down society into a new Super-society where every person will enjoy wealth health and happiness, including the elderly and the poor.
In order to accomplish the new Super society, Mark Hamilton created the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) that represents the political arm of the Neothink Society. The TVP is the vehicle that will confront and  dis-articulate the corrupt and decayed political system that is responsible for depriving our freedom and constitutional rights with ever increasing government regulations and political self serving laws of the ruling class.
Our career politicians no longer care to protect the well being of their constituents but rather focus on building their own bogus power and prestige making false promises they know will not deliver to induce people to reelect them.
To maintain their illusion of power they approve unfair laws that preserve their self serving interests, feeding their unearned prestige and positioning themselves in the elite class.
These career politicians along with government bureaucrats are responsible for the present wreak of our economy with their ever increasing tax laws and government’s regulations causing ever increasing cost of living, unprecedented high levels of unemployment, ineffective educational system, all levels of corruptions and a decaying standard of living.
The TVP platform- designed to protect each individual from initiated of force by any person, group of persons or government- will guarantee the constitutional rights of every individual to have the freedom to achieve wealth, health and happiness in a new Super-society of Peace and Prosperity.
Only through value creating Neothink Society, the TVP and Mark Hamilton leadership will the Super-society become a reality. He is the self leader with the highest Neothink knowledge to integrate all the pieces of the Super Puzzle that will create our new Super-society of unprecedented levels of Peace and Prosperity ever experienced in the history of mankind!
I invite you to learn more about Marc Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, visiting our website at: and
Sincerely, with love and gratitude,
Joe S