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I think Neothink was a very realistic approach to the truth about existence and a way to create unity in human beings breaking things down to a simple way of just being in the moment and believing what is in the moment is all we really got and need Neothink was about eliminating to many wishful beliefs giving you the principles to take control of your own life instead of giving it over to external authorities which from your own experiences leave you nothing in return, Neothink was about believing we are the truth and way to our own advancement if we just believe it, to me that is what every great teacher and philosopher throughout our history stood for and tried to teach us.


Dear Mark:
I am so thankful that you made it possible for me to have the Neothink Society material. I always knew that there had to be so much more to life and I wondered if that “small child” inside me would ever find the way.
Thanks to you Mark and the Neothink Society, that I have reached level 12 and my life is soaring! When I started Neothink Teachings, I could not stop reading them. It gave me a trip of excitement, thankfulness, and the wonderful emotions of finding the way. Thanks to you Mark Hamilton.
I am sure that I have many more exciting journeys and wonderful experiences coming soon.
I don’t have the words for how good it feels to soar with the Eagles!
Come Soar With Me….Frank R



At first I was amazed to hear that there are organizations endeavoring to close down the Neothink movement, and then I got to thinking – there are a lot of ignorant idiots in this world.

Although I am a comparative new member, I can see the good work you and your team are doing by teaching people to think “outside the square “and inviting others to relate their experiences and how Neothink has helped them with their problems.

I am looking forward to The Twelve Visions Party and find it difficult to understand why anyone should try to block its success.

Why people try to discourage organizations from helping people to improve their standard of living and make them successful is beyond me.

I hope you can overcome this obstacle and continue with the good work you are doing

All the best


Ian M


It happened again! This is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had! Over a year ago I started reading the Multigenerational Manuscripts authored by Mark Hamilton, Founder of the Neothink Society. During that reading, little thought seeds were planted within my mind, and TODAY, just MOMENTS AGO one of those seeds exploded…!

As a Conscious Human Being, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF MY LIFE can be EXHILIRATING! And since that explosion, every breath, every thought, every sensation is SO INTENSE and SO PRECIOUS! These moments that click, click, click away ARE LIFE! and LIFE really IS the most VALUABLE thing in the UNIVERSE!

Your LIFE is SO PRECIOUS! These MOMENTS! THIS IS YOUR LIFE! You’ve got a choice with what you do with each moment! Today is the fork in the road! Which path will you take?

Whatever you choose, I hope you are able to find the same magic that I found in Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society! This FEELING is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Thank you Mark Hamilton! How did you do it? How did you crack the code? How did you find a way to write so that these seeds would be planted!?! How did you know it would work?



I am taking the time to write the testimonial of the value I have received from the Neothink Packages and the meetings that I have observed so far that you have been conducting.  My testimonial is short but I have to say that I have received a good deal of wisdom and other qualities from the Philosophies of all these materials those main qualities being Determination and the Willpower to get yourself up and make things happen, you the individual must make things happen and push and strive with your best attempts when seeking something out.  The individual has the potential to constantly improve, gain and absorb knowledge and absorb life’s experiences into the mind and all these things improve that individual. 

In my case I pushed myself to buy this computer so that I can view these meetings,  I never had a computer or much of any knowledge as to how to operate one but since I purchased this computer this year I have learned tremendously about using it, the internet, emails, etc.  I have learned other things also such as electronics  and heating and air conditioning concepts. And these are things that I always wanted to learn thanks to the correspondence courses. These computers and the internet is truly amazing. 

So I would have to say that those qualities for me would be my testimonial - Determination, Willpower, Strive, Steadfastness, Improve the mind with constantly absorbing knowledge – those have been my testimonial.