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A new direction in politics, the first one to speak is always the media. This time it is absolute clear, if the media wants to be heard by the government or better said wants to be involved adding strength to the government it could not be otherwise. It is the government, who invests big money to have the media in their side. Since the end of last world war we still are hoping to unite countries that have not know peace in 50 years. The western world is brainwashing us including certain religions, just to justify, to have explanations for interfering in their politics. Only this time we pay the dividend, because the war of terror is with us for a long time to come. For the media I would love to advise them before they involve themselves, to become acquainted with the literature and the constitution of Neothink what Neothink is all about.
In my opinion the critic that the media is bringing across will result in a free advertisement in favor of Neothink. Anybody that wants to criticize Neothink should firstly acquaint themselves with the knowledge displayed, written in the Neothink books.
If you have read and absorbed the knowledge of those books that have been written by highly intelligent people, you would not dare expose yourself, with the embarrassment, naming a powerful organization a scam. These highly intelligent people have displayed their knowledge for everybody to study the content before you give your opinion. There is more than 20yrs of hard work been displayed.
The media will not only embarrass themselves, they are insulting the Author of those books plus insult everybody who has purchased Neothink literature. I congratulate everyone in particular Mark Hamilton who have displayed all of that knowledge in to print.
Shame to all who admitted to name Neothink a Scam. This alone is already indicating your level of intelligence. Let me tell you a little about myself. Right through my education I said to myself, there must be more to life than what has been pass on to me by religion and government. Ever since I have been searching in books of knowledge, I came across Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle, teachings The Power of Now, The New EARTH, and others, I was fascinated by the philosophy of Neothink, I soon discovered that the philosophy of Neothink is the number one philosophy that is updated to the world we live in. I started reading their books 12yrs ago. I bought four of them and at this point I want to congratulate, in particular Mark Hamilton for his creation. Of course there are many more who have displayed their dedication to Neothink, just to mention a few, like Mr Melbourne, Mrs Annabelle who taught the third grade children for twelve months, they were encouraged by this wonderful teacher, who later on became Scientists. These children have achieved much more, than the flock that have been taught to follow each other.
Please all of you, get acquainted with the knowledge of Neothink, before you embarrass yourself criticizing something you know little about. You will be surprised how Neothink can let you find harmony, happiness, satisfaction, pride and security.
I thank you for the knowledge that have been passed on to me by Neothink.


Until 18mths ago i had spent my 70yrs (going against the grain),confused at the double standards and looking for answers to all the things that puzzled me in our    Do as we say not as we do governance.  Why, even though terrorism and war have common denominators, namely, religion and politics, People do not understand that there has to be a better way. I have been accused of being unrealistic.

Mark Hamilton answered my questions, made sense and he backed up his statements with clear, honest explanations. He encouraged me to think for myself and be totally honest, even about my thoughts and feelings. I now take responsibility for everything i do, an instant cure for apathy. I now see things as they are, the reality is a revelation and i still think there has to be a better way than war and terrorism.

Mark Hamilton has the answer it is yours to discover.