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First l start by saying that Mark Hamilton & Neothink has been the icing on the cake for me in my travels in the world of the learned. I have like so many others been a student of esoteric ( hidden)knowledge for many years but so much of it was cloaked in mysticism and contradictions thought my eyes were open before and to an extent, they were but nothing before or since has even come close to the completeness


Dear Mark Hamilton,
I am so grateful after some few years of my study and my appreciation to your work at Neothink and also at Neothink Society. I am so excited about the recent coming out with the Twelve Vision Party has finally come to the public domain.
I am 52 years and an African from the third world and from the most deprive area on the planet earth can say that my association you Mark Hamilton and his publishing work over the years has done so much to me and my family and will do so greatly to my continent Africa to such an extent that if their has been so great many discovery In the past nothing compare will take place in the USA when Mark Hamilton win a free and fair election in the USA without any use of force.
I feel sure that Mark represent peace and human liberty, the happiness that we long dream of many century. Why should humanity live the way we led ourselves I think the Neothink world in all has show the way and its so strong in mind that I cannot think a day without any reference to Neothink as I observe things all around me each day. My health is in it best form at 52 years I feel within me as someone who is 25 years old.
How did I come to this great conclusion its simple that is the very way we think about ourselves define more about our health . If you have been lie to and it not natural to your nature as a human being it will affect your health and I think this single most powerful advantage I gain from Neothink and as an African I think my more than well place to say that Neothink is great and will free the whole of Africa. That change is the USA with the Twelve Vision Party it will affect Africa so POSITIVELY that the continent will ever remain thankful to any individual, any group, any Party for that matter will be so grateful that we only pray that it should be the end of all human slavery.
Mark Hamilton and others working and on behave Neothink I can only rest assure that the whole world will stand up to the greatest historical EVENT in history and that we will do all we can to help spread it in every part of Africa and the world that Peace, Health and Wealth will truly come to exist of earth.
I have learn many great things that I cannot even write about them as if am praising myself but when we achieve that dream we have for ourselves we shall silence the current media world wide and I think that is what they are most afraid of but we cannot allow them again. Mark Hamilton please move forward fearlessly we will stand for you worldwide you have started already we cannot wait again the time is now.
I can’t say many things but a little one simple and pain is all that we need to get others to also come and learn and free their mind. One last thing I will say about Neothink Zon Power is that it clean your mind like an antivirus for the computer so their is a mind virus spread by the current establishment and it needs to be clear off for Good.
Thank you all of Neothink and Society.
Erik K. Dzordzordzi



Hello Mark Hamilton

I have read and listened to some of your teachings though not many of them because of problems.

What I have read has impressed me to the extent that I would like to live the kind of life that can be achieved as described in the twelve Visions.  I grieve when I see and hear about the actions of government depriving people of their freedoms and rights.

Just as your Father had suffered when the government stooges destroyed all that he built.

I am aware that a long and difficult struggle will be in the near future

And I hope the TVP will survive.

Best regards,

Jerry R



Who would have ever thought that here in the 21st century, in the age of communication and world wide web, in a time and place that we “think” we know so much and “think” that we are so well educated, who would have thought, that so many of us are living “in the dark”!? A dark world intentionally created for us by the greedy and corrupt who want to use our lives to make theirs better.

Thank-you Mark Hamilton for introducing my family and I to the “real” world of hope! Thank you for introducing us to a beautiful world of possibilities!!

Mark has taught us to think for ourselves-not to be blindly led. Mark has introduced us to a beautiful world where healthy, happy people live and work to their fullest potential and enjoy, once again, the value of pride in doing your best! Mark has introduced us to the abilities of the mind and to use it to its fullest extent! To use the greatest “gift” we have. How happy we are to now look forward to tomorrow because each day has a meaning!

Mark has showed us how to live in a world of happiness, well being, and hope for all!

Read what Mark has to say, THINK for yourself-instead of listening to what others have told you to be true, then see if you want to live in the world Mark describes or the one we have been forced to live in for many years!

Thank-you, Mark Hamilton, THANK-YOU!

Ruth C