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Thank you so much for the opportunity to live a good life, to be my own person & to understand more what life is all about.

You have given us all a reason to live, to work & to go to the C of  U.

I wish everyone could realize what it means to live in an honest, kind, & decent world with no force from the government or anyone.

You have done a brilliant piece of work with the books & they will be used for years to come.

I haven’t been able to do a lot in the society, because of my eye sight hopefully in the future I can do more than just listen to all the calls.

Mr. Hamilton, could you please send me the levels 6 & up. I don’t know why you stopped with them Customer service couldn’t help me since you stopped them. You never answered my mail. Guess you didn’t receive it.


Peggy L.


Dear Mark Hamilton:         

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles for you have done a lot for me with your books. I have read seven of them and they have changed my life.  I had a massive stroke when I was 69 years ago and had a good life. That was 13 years ago and since then my life had been horrible. Five months after the stroke I had five heart attacks in two days and my heart stopped beating and then I had other complications. Five years later i had cancer and that was the worst of it all. I wanted to just give up for I had nothing but pain and was too weak to do anything except the simplest thing. Where I had done everything, i could no longer do much of anything.  Would start out to the doctors office and get lost and had lived here 15 years. It would take hours. My husband was injured in the service and was not much help. I had eye surgery for cataracts and almost lost all my eye sight, lost most of my hearing, lost my digestive system from taking four times the normal dosage of Chemo and five weeks of Radiation.   I lived on chicken noodle soup, chicken broth and cream of wheat for years and still have times that I have to go back to them for now I have Diverticulitis when I never had it before but was in the hospital for two weeks and could eat nor drink nothing because of vomiting and diarrhea, and bleeding. I checked out and came home and then i got a letter from you and my life changed. I read that book and the next and the next and learned how to cope with my illness and how to live with what i had instead of always looking  back at the worst.  I wanted another business but was too weak then and still too weak to handle one so i have to find my pleasures where i can.  I have a computer and can contact people like you and you will never know how much you have helped.  You have devoted  over 30 years of your life to us and we love you. I love all of you for that is the kind of life I would love to live. I have missed out on so much the last 13 years and there is joy in my heart to know that things will soon change and we all can be happy again. This is a wonderful country and it could be a lot better if we were all living the Neothink life. I practice that every day since reading your first book. I do hope this letter will help you and that you get thousands and millions more for i know there are other people out there that feel like I do. I have worked hard all my life and it hurts now to know that most of the money I have to live on goes to taxes and Insurance and everything goes up every month.  If anyone had told me that I would be paying nearly 500.00 a month for utilities, no food, pleasures or things like that, just taxes and Insurance on the house, car and me and my husband when he was alive. It gets higher every month and i wonder what will happen if we do not see Neothink life soon.

       Bless you for all you have done and i sincerely hope with all my heart that all the people you have helped come to help you.     Louise Morton  I am 82 years old but will not give up as long as i live.   

I’m sure Mark Hamilton has done his best over the past thirty years to build an organization that displays his hopes and dreams for a solid future for himself and this nation. In America, many other organizations have cause a lot more concern to be alarmed than Neothink. I am not deeply associated with Mark, nor do I personally reflect the views of most of what they stand for, but with my three hundred dollar investment to them, I will stand up for their positions. There is no need to attack them or to belittle them. If you need to jump on some-body’s back try the conservative alliances. Those lunatics demanding status quo conditions for this nation should be brought to justice. Attack them!