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Just wanted to express a hearty thank you to Mark Hamilton for providing the tools ie. analogies to integrate Reality discovery. This is a must,for those individuals who are quickly realizing that the Agencies that are draining 3/4 of every tax dollar are not representing “We the People”, but they are instead perpetuating the facade of The Ruling Class. What in particular appeals


I’ve read some of the criticism , directed at Neothink/and have come to the conclusion that the most ardent complainer’s are not up to the challenge of self discovery. Please let me share with you a little secret: IN THE Process of vehemently objectifying the Literature of the Neothink is the choice of wakening up and leaning on your own spine, or becoming more dependant on the existing facade of remaining fairy tailed story. Neothink ,is a Discovery Tool who’ time has come at the Global-World’s greatest hour of need. A Grateful, Thank You to All of Brave Hearts Involved!!! Balamuruga Mentor 2008 Love.