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It started from a mail, saying we discover you, and you are the one we are looking for. For a year of study about my self by the society…I was invited to joined them: The Neothink Society. Out of curiosity, I did. I received a small pamphlet that is free and I get attracted with. After that, I was encouraged to buy the 1st heirloom book, then the 2nd and then the 3rd which prepares me to be mentored by Mark Hamilton for a year. ( one session every month ). My experience with the books and the mentoring…changes the way I look at things and more the way I think. A neothinking was born in me. Example: When I learned the mini day of doing things…it keep me focused all the time..more so when I start discovering my FNE’s…things or activity that you loved doing. It’s quite a while already that I joined the society, and the best experience so far was the meeting with fellow society member, we call in a clubhouse meeting. I learned so many things from my fellow society members…where my networking activities grow and developed. We have conference calls, that keep us together in spite of our distance from each other, and helps motivate our search for more in life. New opportunities just sprang up left and right and keep me busy doing what I am doing now. You may see me at Face book most of the time because I have created a network of friends there. Keep in touch to get the feel of joining us…LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. Thank you Mark Hamilton…words is not enough to compensate what you did to me…may be sharing who I am and what I am doing now will be enough to make you feel good. Simplicio Demavivas Jr


Dear Mark:

I was introduced to The Neothink Society by Martin H.  I have only been with the Society a few months, but I am already beginning to see the difference the books are making in my life.  They are teaching me how to integrate, power think and utilize my mini-day schedule to become more productive and successful.  I have met several Neothink Brothers and Sisters through the website, face book and the WA State A-Team.  I have a ways to go to finally understand all of Mark Hamilton’s teachings, but as I continue to read his books, integrate his lessons, I am able to grow my essence.

Twelve Visions Party is the answer to bringing our country back around to a state of stability.  I love the fact that TVP involves all the people, not run by one political party.  There will be no more poverty.  We will be able to live harmoniously among ourselves.

Silencing the truth is wrong!  Mark Hamilton is on the right path to bringing government back to the people and away from the corporation with the Twelve Visions Party.  Through the organization of the TVP, Mark Hamilton integrates the truth and empowers others to grow their essence.  I believe Mark Hamilton is on the right path to turning our country around with the Twelve Visions Party.  I support Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party without blinking my eyes but with my whole essence.

Thank you, Mark for the opportunity to share my testimonial with you.


Sheila F