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Good day to all my fellow human beings. As a plain everyday common man, I have been studying and reading great literature from Mr. Mark Hamilton. The TVP And Neothink, Are not apocalyptic. They are age old secrets improved with science and knowledge. I no longer give up on life, nor do I hear voices or pray to statues. I spend my time in real time, even though my wife passed away suddenly a couple of years ago, I’ve never lost my grip on reality.

I hear everyday that my fellow Americans cannot make ends meet. And that they feel this country our forefathers and sons fought and died for, is turning communist. Many fear the radical religious movement turning us that way. Or killing us in the name of religion as was the case in 911.

Do you really feel this government made up of other humans who abuse their positions from serving the voters to ruling the voters really truly works? The separation of church and state? Do you feel the first amendment is being silenced somehow? Destroying the Neothink Society, the Twelve Visions Party, is destroying our freedoms as well. They are the only true way to avoid communism, and religious wars. I discovered there are no true religions on my own. Religions and governments work hand in hand as controlling entities designed to fund themselves through mans laws, and false beliefs and fears.

I have never felt such a relief in my life than to discover Mr. Hamilton’s works and fellow followers. Yes it is hard to break traditions passed down for centuries by loved ones. But if they knew the ultimate harms these cause to us, how upside down the world is,(good made to look bad, and bad made to look good)They would not have passed traditions such as these down to us their loved ones.

Believe that better days are coming through all these works, if you value life, freedom and prosperity, eliminating these great values will lead us deeper into recessions dogma and communisms. Truly deeply honestly, this is a good being falsely made evil, by those who enjoy the fruits of mankind’s labors life’s and loved ones with little or no efforts.

I deeply remember the days when police were there to prevent crimes deaths robberies. Now, they only investigate after the crimes. Something wrong here my friends? Cias putting computer chips into insect larvae to spy on us little cameras? Sound spooky? It IS! The only way to combat religious wars and unnecessary deaths there from is to come clean that all religions are false. That is why there are so many of them. They work with Governments to rob our monies boss us around. People we are voting away our freedoms. Every time a sound good idea is passed from some career politician in the name of helping us does it? No, it takes from us. As do taxes, being jailed or pay schemes. No, Mr. Hamilton is honesty. Honesty is the only thing above truth..We need to have our country, our lives our prosperities back and now. By stopping this man and his society of happy people, you are killing your chance to again be happy. And mine. Do not let Government or religious Zealots control us anymore. We are strong educated humans my friends. Think! we do not need more high priced self serving leaders per se. We need our earnings in our pockets, our streets safe. No religions trying to make us what we truly are not. Support the movement, you will preserve lives, happiness our children’s our futures and our hard earned money. Than you in advance. I know you will not let your children’s happy futures down. Joe W