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Hi Mr. Mark  Hamilton & Neothink Members:
Not sure what to say or really how to say all that has happened from 2005 up till now.  But let me be clear, I will try to be profoundly honest as never before. Ever since receiving the Neothink Orientation Booklet, Powerful Letters from Powerful Society Members, Neothink Heirloom 1, Neothink Heirloom 2, Neothink Heirloom 3, Boo’s Great Adventures, my life has gone through a complete transformation and continues to do so.
Let me preface this by saying I believe that the newly emerging Illuminati and society have been trying to get a hold of my Dad, Mom and my Father in law for some time.  I truly believe (and am still researching this)) that my family genealogy/line holds some powerful secrets, potential royal blue blood line from Europe and possibly Israel.  I have already found some connections to this.  Family crests, my middle name–which may go back to the Royal Edwards in England. Why do I mention this.  Because it is important to know and recognize the past in order to move into the future. In any event, I was the last member of my family to totally come into the possession of some of the most powerful and greatest secrets on the planet earth found in Neothink.
It was about 2005/2006 when Neothink came to me in full.  I absorbed the material like a sponge and continue to do so to this very day.  It is like my Shangri La, my hope in a dark place, my yearning for deeper knowledge, my oasis.  The powerful letters told me how I could be wealthy beyond compare, attract beautiful women, become powerful, famous, run with the upper class of the Neothink Society.  The letters indicated that I had power talents, abilities and that I would bring eternal secrets to the society that may have not yet been explored, that I also have double sine waves from Dr. Ian Scott.  The Letters are truly what keep me going to this day, because they talked so much about where I am and where I am going and where I will be.
The society gave me hope, confidence, inner strength like never before, power like never before, the ability to read minds and maybe influence them, attract women like crazy((which actually happened)), make me a genius, smarter than ever before(I studied, and passed 4 appraisal classes which were tough)).  In fact, even while married I did attract a beautiful woman and women.  One in particular I fell in love with, because of the deep connection-spiritually, physically(sexually), and mentally.  I have had deep profound moments of visionary dreams happening right in front of my eyes.  As Mr. Hamilton has stated it is like a vision is forming in front of you and snapping things together.  I have had deep moments of Neothink.  I have been able to foretell future events in my life with an uncanny ability.

I refused to put up with external/negative thinking and circumstances.  For the first time in over 15 years I did not feel stifled, snuffed out and actually felt exhilarated and freed from all of the crap going on in the world–stupid corporate America-stupid jobs–controlling, manipulative, domineering, demanding, abusive people.  You get the idea.  And I hate to say this, but my wife was one of these people.  You see we had been married for 16 years with 2 boys.  Two boys which I love dearly and will pass the society information to when they are ready. However, my wife did not exhilarate me any more, there was no spark, no love, no effort made in the intimacy department–only frigidity, abusive, controlling, toxic, demanding.  Sex maybe once in a great while every 3 months, to 6 months to longer.  It got extremely frustrated.  Plus I was Mr. Mom and working long grave yard hours when Neothink came to me.  This had been going for some time.  Well, I got tired of it and as you say in Vision 7–of Heirloom II –love died along with a lot of other things.

So here is all the bad stuff.  I had an affair, because the Neothink Info and power is extremely powerful and it does change you and make you into a internally strong genius creating powerful man which women love.  I lost my wife(got divorced), lost my kids to sole custody, lost/sold my home.  I also lost the job I had been for over 3 1/2 years.  As you said in your letters, I had a lousy job, lousy love life, lousy car–which I still have.  I went from 1400 square feet to probably 400 square feet which is where I am now–renting 1 bedroom apartment-lousy.

So again to recap–powerful calling, talents, abilities due to self awareness and power through Neothink.  Lost Wife, kids, house, money and now I am losing my job with a county government(which may work itself to be a good thing) but we will see((I am still in the middle of dealing with)).  The society also saw powerful writing ability in me, (maybe noble stuff).  I did publish one thing a while ago, but yet to start on any new writing projects–but moving towards my downstream focus-essence.  Trying to find this desperately.  So life stinks.  Love life died, no money, no job and the economy right now is in the crapper.  I am just being honest here.  Now I have to search again for another stupid job.

So, but, the beautiful thing is that Neo think will save me and has already done so.  I know that my boys((Boo’s Great Adventure)) will inherit the Hoffman Dynasty.  I know that all that the society has told me about myself will come to pass.  I know that I have double sine waves, my name means something, belong to royalty and will bring that Royalty on through to creativity building and values through Neothink, that the powerful Hoffman Dynasty will be built by me and help from the society and its members. That I will help millions achieve their downstream focus and help them to reach the exhilaration found in the Twelve Visions World.  That I will bring all of the secrets I now know and more to the society.  I know that I will live the life of luxury, cars, cash, suits, houses, women or one good loving, gentle woman that believes in me(gifts, talents, my history and the values I will bring to this life and world), the good life will happen.  I am still moving in that direction and waiting with more action on my part.

I will utilize my genius and creative ability to bring powerful secrets, medically, possibly scientifically and most certainly spiritually.  After line of King David.  See I don’t regret the past or look at the Bible as immoral necessarily–but I do believe that religion(external circumstantial blocked and mystic thinking is what puts most Christians in a box unable to think outside that box)) I could go more into that, but will stop at that point.   However, I believe the society has only made my faith, abilities and power even greater.   I will help to bring the eternal secrets and know where to look.  I do not forget about my line through King David, King Solomon and all the immortals prior to them and after them even now.

So where does this leave me today……I don’t know really.  I continue to study like never before the secrets of the universe in all areas, study Neothink  as never before and hope like the great Neothink Celebrity man, that I get the woman, the house, the freedom, the luxury, the wealth, the downstream focus, the ability to create wealth and keep it and help countless millions achieve their dreams as well.  Along with achieving the 1 big secret stated in Miss Annabelle’s Secrets (The Third Heirloom Package).   I also want to buy the CD’s/Tapes from the last letter.  I am serious about the Neothink Society and am looking to move into the Society that runs parallel to the masses now that I am single and have the opportunity to create great values.  I hope this gives you help, hope, inspiration Mr. Hamilton.  It is because of you and your great Members before you, alongside of you and now the great level 12 apprentices that we will move the world whether they are ready or not into the Twelve Visions World.  My life has gone through entire turmoil.  So I know it will only get better, thanks to the society. I just hope that I get everything back to me seven fold.  I can hope and dream always because of you and this great membership to the Great Society that is older than dirt.

Yahoo, that is my dream and my hope.  I hope and believe that I will arrive and get there with all of your help.  Thank you for all that you and the society have done up to this point and can not wait to meet all of you soon.


WEH (Mr. Hoffman)