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to Mark Hamilton am happy to talk about multigenerational manuscripts and twelve vision party what mean to my life and my family what MARK HAMILTON learn me love the life. create the value live smart health .safe rich take responsibility for my own life and deeply appreciated life and all this mean self leader.
i discover the illusion of ruling class of lazy ,dishonest ruler and leader. What Mark Hamilton means to me he open my mind i am lucky to meet this man and more glad he became my mentor, he earned my eternal respect.
Y. K


I would start by saying that Mark Hamilton is a wonderful teacher, who have worked so hard to enlighten me on Neothink. The literature taught by Mark Hamilton , brought light and understanding of life to me. The Neothink Society taught me how to love which i have spread to my family. My family is united and love each other. I went back to School, got BSN and immediately proceeded to masters program and would complete very soon
I thank Mark Hamilton and the twelve visions party (TVP).


After reading the material I have decided to talk to my family about this. My personal reason for not exposing this to my family before was because of the fear. I feared the reactions I may or may not receive from my family. I love my family very much and I realize by not telling them I am not helping them. I have conquered my fears and I will tell my family about the amazing TVP movement.

I want to help my family, help the numbers grow, and help the world push towards freedom of the Government leaders.

I do hope if there is anyone else out there with the fear of speaking up about this TVP movement or anything else of creative and positive importance that they will learn to let go of the fear and branch out. Reach any and every one you can.