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My name is Darren Uretsky.  Here are two statements that describe me: “I am a thirty-three year old caucasian male who was brought up Jewish” and “I am a sentient individual human being”.  Likely you were taught, as I was, that the former description was the one that bears the significance.  Likely you were told, as I was, that you should always be cognizant of those elements of your particular background lest you might find yourself discriminated and/or persecuted against for being a part of those “groups”.  Mark Hamilton and his Neothink Self-Leader Literature (which I’ve had the privilege of purchasing, reading, and integrating for the past 15+ years) rescued me from this dishonesty.  Through his remarkable illusion-shattering literature, Mark Hamilton taught me that the latter of the descriptions above is the only one that REALLY counts and that that is the one that needs the most protection from discrimination and persecution.  

“Neothink” is a term that means simply “New-Think” and refers to the next evolution mysticism-free mind that individual humans will all to jump to from the current conscious mind.  Mysticism is simply all manners of laziness and dishonesty and can be summarized as: “creating problems where none exist”.  Mysticism is the only disease of the conscious mind but even by itself it can cause all kinds of catastrophic events.  Neothink concepts form multi-dimensional puzzles that snap into focus only after a critical number of puzzle pieces/concepts are uncovered or de-mystified.  In fact as soon as that critical mass of puzzle pieces is achieved, one can see what the finished “fully-integrated honest” multi-dimensional area of thought will look like (in the same manner that a critical mass of correctly placed pieces in a jigsaw puzzle allows one to see what the finished puzzle will reveal) and one can then start to integrate those undiscovered puzzle pieces/concepts into one’s life–in essence bringing the future to your understanding and control.

One of these multi-dimensional Neothink puzzles allowed me to fully understand and integrate that the highest and most important value in the universe is the conscious individual human life.  Each individual human life is a priceless and completely unique value that must be protected at all costs, adored, and even worshipped for his/her remarkable capacities to learn, create life, create values for others, experience love, and feel happiness.  In school, in society, and throughout the mainstream media we are deluged by claims and accusations of racism, sexism, agism, etc. etc. and told that we need to protect these “groups”, one special-interest lobbying group at a time and even hand out special privileges to the oft-persecuted against members of these groups.  In fact we are deemed heartless and scrooge-like if we don’t always stand up for the rights of say one race vs. another.  People are constantly banding together to show their support or call out for more support against the discrimination and persecution of these groups.

Mark Hamilton and Neothink allowed me to annihilate those illusions and see through to the essence of this situation (and many others) and by so doing I discovered that racism and sexism and many other isms are imaginary concepts—they don’t really exist.  They are tiny insignificant “A points” and serve mainly to obscure “THE point”.  “THE point” being that “the only REAL minority is the INDIVIDUAL”.  You don’t need special interest lobbying groups or even laws to protect these groups from discrimination and persecution.  In essence all you need is laws to protect the individual and you will have succeeded in protecting all the individuals on the planet regardless of which imaginary minority group someone chooses to slot them into.  The question then becomes how does one protect the individual and by extension all of us?  Mark Hamilton likely asked himself this all-important question decades ago when he discovered Neothink and soon enough using that same Neothink he arrived at a solution.  His solution then went on to spawn the first honest political party in history, a party for the individual, a party for the people—The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY (TVP).

The TVP is based on that solution which Mark Hamilton termed “The PRIME LAW” (  This elegant answer to the question of protecting the rights and freedoms of human beings simply forbids the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any individual, group, or government on any other individual, his property, or his contracts.  It is based solely on the moral premise of self-defense and thus successfully and uniformly protects all individuals from intentional harm being inflicted upon them.

Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party’s “Prime Law” is the answer to all discrimination, persecution, and countless more injustice that has been perpetrated on individuals for over 2000 years.  The Prime Law picks up where the US Constitution left off and is therefore the missing puzzle piece that brings the US Constitution multi-dimensional puzzle of individual rights and freedoms to its critical mass.  By understanding and then integrating this vital missing puzzle piece into society through an Amendment to the US Constitution, the Twelve Visions Party ( will unleash an unprecedented geometrical explosion of WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE, and HAPPINESS and forever protect the most valuable of all things: “The CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUAL HUMAN LIFE”.

For a full overview on Mark Hamilton’s “Prime Law”, his “Twelve Visions Party”, and its Platform

( in addition to a basic introduction to “Neothink”, call 1-888-859-6859 and order “WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE” today.

Thank-you Mark Hamilton and the TVP for protecting the only REAL minority—the INDIVIDUAL.

P.S.  The ideas that the TVP brings to the table in its party platform to safeguard individual rights and freedoms forever are brilliantly elegant and unique and many are likely to be quite controversial.  However, this is not surprising as many individuals and groups in modern society have vested interests in preserving the status quo and not in protecting all individuals’ rights and freedoms.  These individuals and groups will not be welcoming and appreciative to the values Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Self-Leader Literature, and his Twelve Visions Party are attempting to bring to the world.  These parasites have long lived off of the discrimination and persecution, the usurpation of money and power, and many other types of value destruction by obscuring issues and twisting truths so that the best individuals among us, the good, the innocent value creators and producers, the businessmen like Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party and their Neothink Society Members (who all bring immense value to the world in myriad ways) appear to be the worst scourge of humanity.  They will use all sorts of nasty and sneaky tricks to make these amazing honest businessmen and businesswomen who have brought so much value and love to others and society appear to be nothing but greedy con-artists and charlatans just out to make a buck by exploiting their customers.  In reality the exact opposite is true.  Businessmen like Mark Hamilton and those of the Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society provide unique values to others and society that others CHOOSE to purchase.  In fact the only way a businessman can earn a long-term profit (in a truly Free Market) is by catering to the demand of his customers and by continuing to optimize his company’s efficiency by cutting costs and increasing production.  If the businessman doesn’t provide this exceptional value to his customers they will simply choose to stop purchasing his products/services and purchase their needs/desires elsewhere.  Another of the tools the parasitical elite (with vested interests in preserving the status quo) will use to try and smear Mark Hamilton and his TVP’s ideals is the mainstream media.  They will do what they have always done and use illusions to obscure the facts and distort the situation.  They will present facts out of context, use non-sequiturs (latin terms for “this does not follow), and attempt to discredit the individuals involved by making preposterous claims that the Neothink Society is a cult, that the TVP is a religion, and that Mark Hamilton is a dictator.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  However, they WILL make these claims because the protection of all of our individual rights and freedoms and the ensuing ideas that make up the TVP platform are extremely threatening to their current parasitical existence.  So please don’t be fooled when you start hearing and seeing things that just don’t quite add up.  Use your own judgment and recognize who is the value creator and who is the value destroyer in the situation and the honest answers will shine through the dishonest illusions.  As Albert Einstein once said: “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds”.  They must attack any new ideas that even threaten to expose their
dishonest illusions and the outright criminal behavior that has
trampled our individual rights and freedoms for so long and obscured
the situation so successfully that most individuals hardly notice that
this same criminal behavior is exactly what is draining the
rightfully hard-earned WEALTH, HEALTH, PEACE, and HAPPINESS from their
lives.  Mark Hamilton, his TVP, and his Neothink Society aim to change all that by bringing to the world his Prime Law of Protection and forever preserving the rights and freedoms of the only REAL minority—the INDIVIDUAL.