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I have had many struggles in my life. Many of which I struggled to brake free of the memories. I constantly struggled with night terrors, flash backs, and physical pain. I had given up on medications; they only increased my dreams and made me groggy and numb to my surroundings. I had already been through intensive therapy for 5 years, and knew from that that in order for my torment to end I would have to somehow let it go but I didn’t know how.
Last year I had found my self with yet 2 more fractures in my spine. From a birth deformity called Kyphosis in my lower spine. This added to my torment as I had to start taking pain medications and needing my husbands help to even get out of bed to start my day.
One day I received a letter in the mail telling me there was a way I could change the things I struggled with in my life. Of course I saw no other option but to try, so I sent in the letter for the Neothink Society heirlooms. When I received my fist book I couldn’t open the package fast enough. The book started teaching me how to schedule and organize my life, build my own enjoyment for what “I” wanted my life to be and build a life out of my own passion. This made me crack out my art, something of which I thought was an impossible dream, and I started to think about other things I wanted to include in my life. I started to grow hybrid Iris’ and learned how to propagate the existing woodland plants on our home property. I love working with my hands and I was doing it. All of a sudden I realized something, I was no longer having night terrors and flash backs …I was no longer focused on what I didn’t want. Although my physical pain was getting worse and worse. I finally sought out doctors. I went through many and many just wanted to cover up my pain with yet more medication. I knew there had to be something to correct my many fractures and now 70% curve in my spine that was continually causing more and more fractures. I finally went to the University of WI spine center . And learned that because my Kyphosis was so low in the spine, the crumbly mess was still trying to support my torso. And surgery was necessary. Not all spine surgeries have a 100% pain recovery but the surgeon had done a lot with lower spine full fusions and promised me 95%.” Wow” no pain medication eating at my liver for the rest of my life; of course I jumped at the chance.
The surgery was very invasive and was the toughest thing yet I had to endure. I had the full support of friends from the Neothink Society, whom often gave me tips on new exercise and diet, and listened to my cries of pain from recovery. I was afraid that I would not come to a full recovery and would not be able to return to work as a C.N.A. Along with the support of my husband, and my new Neothink family, I realized I needed to get back on track with my dreams and build from there …back to focusing on myself. I went full speed on creating more and more art pieces, which took my mind off the condition and made me feel complete and made me feel like I had much to offer to this world . Seven and a half months later I was back to working at my local hospital complete and full recovery 100%. NO PAIN!!!! And still today working on my art and gardening…now a full and developing weave of my passions’ in life, a business I created called Lifestyle Gardening within this title I have created along with my husband , gardens in our yard for the public to enjoy, along with woodland plants for them to buy and grow in a natural setting , art , craftsmanship of my husband’s skills , and specialty salad oils , I blog about gardening and give advice. There are many things built on which will someday be a retreat were people will come to learn to do the same for themselves , build and create art and get there hands in the dirt.
I was never much into politics before, but there is a new political movement called the Twelve Visions Party. This to me is bringing to the world what I have already begun to see in my life . A need for full freedom to create and build a basis on which our country was originally founded to be. Some of which would be making it much easier for my business to bloom fast, with out so much political restriction and the same for everyone. Quotes I love like ”make everyone rich, including the poor”…”be the person you were meant to be”. The fact is, that it is possible with true freedom to create and build values for mankind. You see proof in the computer industry which is free from political regulation. Another country to look at as an example is Denmark. They pay a large tax but no one seems to care because they support fully in life, and education, college is paid, their health fully paid too. There are no homeless or starving there either. I admire this country and feel they may step closer to the freedom our country seeks. So, as I see, why can we not have the same freedom here? To me I see this step as inevitable and depend on if the people are ready for change or if they’re stuck like I was even just a year ago.
From My heart to your’s, Dianna Parrott