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Mark Hamilton,

So far after reading three of your books, I have realized it is family that comes first. It has made me more focused on making sure I am doing the right thing, not just the easy thing. Seeing the bigger picture and wanting to do what is right for mankind soul be the focus of everyone on earth. It has open my eyes to what is and I see a lot of things in our world that needs to be fixed so everyone can prosper and enjoy life.

Thanks for waking me up to the purpose of making this a better world.



I feel very privileged to be part of a movement that will bring about prosperity for the whole world. Reading the literature gave me the courage to become an entrepreneur in 2008 and have kept me focus on finding innovating ways to profit while creating values for society. I’m able to build a great legacy for me and my family because of Mr. Mark Hamilton and his life’s work.
Thank you,
Otis T.
Alexandria, VA



dear Mark,
I’m very grateful to join such society i was lost all my life don’t really know my purpose, why am i here on this planet until i met you Mark. You really put things in prospective i want to thank you for everything you have done for me, right now I’m studying for my test on Massage therapy next month after i pass my test I’m going to focus all my energy on becoming the man i was meant to be. i want to thank you again for everything.


Hi my name is Andrea H

I’ve only partly gotten involved with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society to date. The reason I got involved is because it is the same in many ways as the Tony Robbins mentoring, helping the average person get past their mental blocks and improve their lives. For themselves and their families!  And a support group of fellow students who are very happy!  I wouldn’t get rid of Tony Robbins nor would I get rid of Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society which is a caring about people and helping them improve organization! Let’s focus on the goals not the negative, there’s always going to be negative people. Remember the Law of Attraction!


Andrea H