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Hanna H.
I have been with Neothink for the last 1 1/2 years. What an exciting journey!
For the first time in my long life it gives me everything to look forward to.
Most of all it became clear to me that all people in this country -even the poor- and all people on our planet can and should have a healthy, prosperous and rich life -on all levels- with no interference from all controlling groups.
Over the years my research got me into several directions. It never satisfied me. I either had someone else tell me what to do, or/and follow like a sheep. Even if I did all this and got to their higher level: what about all the other people??
Here with the Twelve Vision Party all are in it. Mark Hamilton is very passionate about this.
We are not followers, we are conscious human beings creating values for others and ourselves.
For the first time in my life I feel this should be our BIRTH RIGHT.
These are some of the reasons I want the NEOTHINK Society with the help of the TVP become reality for me, my family and this world.
If the controlling forces: government, etc., shuts down Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the TVP, we will fall back into the life we have known for nearly 3000 years, unhappy and unfulfilled.
Well, I am only 66 and sure that I will see with all of you this beautiful society, thanks to Mark Hamilton, Neothink and TVP.
Thank you for visiting this site and informing yourself.
Mahalo, Hanna



What does the Twelve Visions World mean to me. It means that we will all be able to live peace,
Love and Harmony. This is the way our four Fathers would have wanted us to live, and of course
what Jesus would have wanted. What he tried to accomplish before his death. They tried to teach
us how to think for selves, and now thanks to Mark Hamiltons Manuscripes, he is trieing to teach
people the same way, enstead of living everyday boring rutine ruts in Buisness and in politics.
We are not followers. We are suppose to be leaders, guiding our own destinations in life.
I love this wonderful world that we live in. If people can just apply this to there everyday lives
and be the person they were meant to be, instead of blindly following our leaders.
We would all love our lives, and want to live for ever. I know I sure do. This is an awsome gift
of hope and change for a better future for all Mankind.
Thank You Mark Hamilton for a better and brighter future.

Michelle A.



This is my testimonial to my success and my growth, and benefit from the literature and great value that Mark Hamilton has brought to my life.  I have personally grown into the person I was meant to be as a result of his literature.

I on my own through the text have now found who I m and now the value that I can bring to the world. My growth from the literature far surpasses any and all learning experiences I have ever had in collage or otherwise. The texts have thrown me into a world of success and happiness and now I don’t just look at the stars, I touch them.

Mark Hamilton’s literature teaches nothing but honesty and value creation for all of humanity to enjoy, and most impotently be free, free to think for yourself were I feel that in most of us has been suppressed within for too long, always looking to others for leadership and guidance. I have been fortunate in my life to discover myself, my real self and what I was meant to do with unlimited motivation, to drive myself and others to limitless success!

I now see everything as it is and not what it appears to be. When I read or hear anything I decide for myself if it is rational or whether or not to accept claim presented to me with my own free mind. I am timely free and I truly owe it all to a great man with a dream, a dream that all of our minds should be ones of self leaders and a free people, instead of a mass of mindless followers.


Just imagine living in a world in which YOU MUST die to fulfill an unchallenged journey not by the masses… Now imagine living in that same world and coming in contact with someone that looked at you and said “You don’t have to if you do not want to die”. Now, just imagine if YOU were living in a world that applied that concept to EVERY dynamic of life from personal to impersonal- basically ORDERING YOU to follow the external stimuli that surrounds you. Will you follow? Those ARE the questions that everyone has within themselves when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of others. My story is that I lived in that world and IS currently active there physically with the SAME PRESSURES to be or not to be apart of that deteriorating world. Without the knowledge of self and its inalienability I have witnessed on-hand that MANY if not ALL are COMMITTING SUICIDE on a grand scale. I am thankful to have been discovered by a society who have made it all happen… who have not only launched a two-word poor grammar speaking individual into an intellectual left/right-hemisphere utilizing product of whatever life I will choose to create and live that will go down in history but WILL not go DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! I have learned to NOT sit back in silent frustration but challenge EVERYTHING. And I give my thanks to  Mark Hamilton and his association for the stimulation that not only delivers TO ME an experience of a lifetime but shows ME on hand the FOLLOWERS and THE LEADERS.


First THANK YOU for your great knowledge I have learn a lot from your books, things that I never thought it will exist or even happen you made me more educated I will never thank you enough, you made us wake up from being innocent followers and think why things are the way there are in the world, you made us THINK and not just to believe everything … your lessons are like diamonds, forever, I wish you continued with all your valuable information so we can see and become what we really come to be and become creators of our destinies and made a great contribution to humanity in whatever field we chose, I will always be thankful to you and your father and you always can count on me; wishing you the best .