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Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton ,

I would like to thank u for all you are trying to do to help society. It is very plain to me more than ever now that something has to be done to change our society before it destroys itself .Now more than ever we need people that think like you to help people all over the world. They world is in a mess and if something is not done things will not get better but for sure will get much worse. I have read your books and have learned a lot from them and I definitely think the same way that you do. From reading your books I find that you are a very kind and caring person. All people have to do is read your books and they will see a man with a vision ,a vision that will change this whole world if people will allow it to happen. Governments of this world spend far to much time fighting and warring with each other than they should. All war does is kill innocent people and puts mankind farther behind from becoming the best that they can become ,which is a society of people working together and helping each other to prosper in business, have peace and be a happy society. All Governments and religions have failed to make the world a happy ,prosperous and peaceful place. The Ideas that you have concerning business, Government, religion, family will save this world from chaos and destruction if the people of this world will just learn them and practice them in their lives. We need a different form of Government like the one that you present with the Twelve Visions Party. The people of this world is in great need of help and the Governments of this world has lost site of what that is. It is not war, destruction, hatred and pain but is Peace, love and happiness. We must look to ourselves and search deep from within and mature as a peaceful, loving and happy society if we are to survive the years to come. I support fully the teachings and ideas that you. Keep up the good work and never give up on your dream because your dream is the dream of people all over the world..May the people of this world put the Twelve Visions Party into action so we can become a new generation living in peace, love and happiness.


Debra Talbert


To Mark Hamilton,
A few years ago I received a letter from Mark Hamilton,and I purchase his literature. I read all and I gained so much knowledge, my life change for the better its so enlightening knowing about harmony,the universe and learning about yourself and the real value creator. Knowing the purpose of life is to live happily and the government must provide that condition; no initiatory force, fraud or coercion by any person or group against any individual property or contract; means freedom to all. We must have universal law wealth, health and peace.
Mark Hamilton’s Neothink society the TVP is the bridge for all humanity of the universe where pure love and honesty, peace, making people rich including the elderly and the poor along in great health and happiness for ever.
And, TVP’s aim is to depoliticize the present form of Government and release the geniuses of the world, to create values and meet our every need and feel the millionaire life. That’s why I am so proud member of Neothink society.
Mark Hamilton is so compassionate, so very genius, helping the whole world most especially to all of us, our loved ones, for all our children’s future!!! and most important we are all in the way to immortality life!!!
Wake up every one read and learn Mark Hamilton’s literature!!!
Luisa P


Dear Mr. Mark Hamilton,
As an avid Neothink reader, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party has always signified what we as human beings search for our entire lives, and that is the Truth. Neothink Society has created me to become more self-aware of things that occur in life. For instance, ever since I was a little girl I have always been seeking to find the answer to questions, I was naive and chose Religion as my guiding light. Upon reading the works of Mr. Mark Hamilton, I was able to see the world for what it really is. I realized that Religion is just another form of Government. I grew up in a Catholic household and the teachings never made sense to me. It seems that whatever you choose to do with your life, you always seem to be sinning. I always wondered, if I am sinning, then why won’t someone teach me and show me the ways of not being a sinner? It took me over 40 years to find the answer to this question and it was through the Twelve Visions Party. Neothink Society has allowed me to re-evaluate my morals and belief, to me it’s a better form of living and thinking.
The success of the Twelve Visions Party is very crucial for not only I, but my family, friends and to the rest of the World. Through the readings, I have been able to see that the Government is manipulating economically and education wise. As a working woman with three children, it’s surprising how my taxes are so high. The Government can easily take out tax dollars and blame any reason as to why they have done so. TVP has allowed me to see that our taxes don’t need to be so high in order for our society to prosper. In addition, one of my favorite points of TVP is that all children can receive better educations. It’s not secret that some institutions especially private teaching institutions provide a better education than public schools. All children should be treated for equally in my opinion regardless of the economical status.
Overall Neothink Society plays a significant role in my life, I’ve finally found answers to questions I’ve been searching for all of my life. I’ve become more self-aware of how society really is that is ran by the government, I have learned that Religion is really just another way to manipulate individuals. The Success of TVP equals the success of my family, friends, and the rest of the world. We will no longer have to live in such impoverished conditions due to tax cuts and our children receiving great educations can help our world become a better place. Perhaps cures will be found, or new methods of learning will be taught. TVP can be the answer to our troubles, I just hope the public is open to new ideas because it doesn’t hurt to learn and try new ideals and concepts.
I wish you and the Neothink Society good luck for I am rooting for you.
Best Regards,
Cristina Lluberes


To whom it may concern,
I would like to testify to the whole world that I am supporting Mark Hamilton, his literature, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party. Mark Hamilton has open up my mind to a whole new way of thinking. Thinking of good things to come and have hope for the future. Who else in this whole planet that is teaching that there can be a world without diseases? Who else is teaching that there is a form of government that can make everybody rich even the poor? Who else is teaching that human being should live to live and not live to die? Who else is teaching that man can overcome death and never die through biological immortality? All messages of good hope. I thank you Mark Hamilton. I am and will support you with everything that I have and all my being. Yours Sincerely, Kauvaha T



There is nothing like Neothink. I have looked elsewhere.  The TVP has objectives that are superior in both value and complexity to those of the present system. The intelligence and precision needed to achieve a Twelve Visions World fits well with evolution. Neothink is possible because of pure love of life and unobstructed thinking. It is designed to help humanity in ways our current government and any other form of government ever could. Freedom and empowerment to the businessman and entrepreneurs is what we all need. We all need of each other but not with the current system that blocks creativity, and wastes more money than it portrays to save.

Neothink is meant to make the people better able to do business and prosper. Its literature raises the competitiveness and conscience of its readers. Without Neothink, the world has no competitive advocates for human prosperity through reason.

Go Mark Hamilton! The hero of the day!


I owe my life to Mark Hamilton both now and in the future as does the entire human race.  I am and have been a believer that biological immortality is possible today and I was relieved to discover that I was not alone in my goal of reaching this state.  Every so often a revolutionary individual comes along with keen insights to change the world and make it a better place in which to live.  Mark Hamilton is one such individual and I support his work and the work of the Neothink Society.  Society often opposes such individuals because their genius goes misunderstood by the masses.  This is insanity as these are the very individuals who are working to save the lives of the people.  The Twelve Visions Party is the most correct form of government that I have seen proposed to date.  It is a government based on principles of business that serves humanity and maintains focus upon the supreme goal of obtaining biological immortality.  Mark Hamilton’s literature is very much in line with my thinking so my transition to the Neothink Society has been rather easy.  As a writer myself I am very critical of the writing of other’s.  Mark Hamilton’s literature is so right on that I can hardly say he misses the mark and his writing is fast becoming one of the primary influences upon mine.  Anyone who tries to prevent or oppose the work of Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, or the Twelve Visions Party should be stopped.

Shawn W