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I would like to express my deepest thanks and respect to Mark Hamilton for having the courage and fortitude to define the concept and purpose of Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party. I have lived my life according to the values that are illustrated and promoted by Mark and the Neothink Society long before I had heard of them. I now feel that I have a legitimate voice among my peers and (through the Twelve Visions Party) will be able to move the whole country forward to



Having a business, I realized how important it was to track inventory, sales, receipts, and productivity of my employees.  Until being introduced to the Neothink Society, I didn’t have an efficient way to keep track of these important parts of business.  The Multigenerational Manuscripts provided me with a way to effectively diagnose how I was spending my time.  Then, I could put myself into a schedule to optimally perform.  I have learned to evaluate how one task relates to another, so that I’m not trying to inefficiently multi-task projects.  I take each task, as they come, within a block of time based on a certain criteria that makes my life easy and efficient.   My weeks are much more productive and mistakes are nearly non-existent.   This tool is taught in the Multigenerational Manuscripts of the Neothink Society.

Since I started using this one tool, I found time to write and publish my first book.  I have also put some of my thoughts to video.  My next book is nearly done.  I also love being part of the Neothink Society’s weekly conference calls.  I have met some wonderful people and I have learned the difference between: living a life of stress and discontent; and the life I am meant to live full of relaxation and pure love for myself and others.  I am also involved with the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), a new political party that offers success and freedom to the masses.    The TVP is supportive of the Constitution, and the National Platform offers opportunities and strategies for people to once again prosper and live happily, much like was started during the Industrial Revolution.  Mark Hamilton has not lost sight of the need for all to live prosperously, healthy, and in peace and freedom.  He is intelligent, has vision, fortitude, and honesty which are much needed in leadership today.   Please check out the platform of this new political party.  You may conclude this is the party which offers solutions to the ongoing problems in the current structure and is the answer for you personally.

I wouldn’t trade this new journey for anything else!  I am incredibly happy and am thankful I was introduced to Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society writings and meetings. His honest concern for others and his desire to help make this Country strong, once again, caused me to re-think where I was heading and how I was getting there.  Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for sending me an invitation letter a few years ago.  I urge anyone looking for a better life to join the Neothink Society and/or the Twelve Visions Party.