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I’m grateful that I can say what a great value the NEOTHINK Society has been in my life with the publishing of the Neothink manuscripts have been in my life and that of my family.  With the coming of the Twelve Vision Party, just maybe we can get our people elected to office, and get our country turned around to the way it was when our founding Father’s first paid the price for our country’s, Constitution,& Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights. That they wrote for our Nation.
The thing I have learned from reading My NEOTHINK manuscripts is that I can become and have whatever I want in this life.  I thank-you Mark Hamilton for allowing me to join the NEOTHINK Society, providing me the opportunity to find my Value that I can be to the NEOTHINK Society And to those care about life. That’s what these manuscripts, have taught me about who I can become, and have in this life.  I thank-you for inviting me to-be a member of NEOTHINK Society, I have You to thank My friend, And I’m honored, To associate with other people of like mind.
I know what it’s to be shunned from life, I Thank-you for giving me my life back and excepting me as your friend and value to our NEOTHINK Society.                         
Sincerely Your Friend
Wells M



When i read and study the literature of more than 3000 pages of Mark Hamilton and his Neothink society, i found amazing value and a tremendous amount of reasoning and insight and when coworkers, friends and family take a look at Mark Hamilton’s literature they also see amazing value and wonderful things will come to society in much the same way as what our nation’s founding father did for society 222 years ago when they drafted our nations federal constitution which i taught in high school history and government classes starting in 1967 but the last 40 years our federal government is moving away from our federal constitution therefore a need for Mark Hamilton’s 12 visions party which will give us as Americans a government like our founding fathers intended and not a massive or bulky bureaucracy that is very costly and inefficient.

Max S



Dear Mark Hamilton,

I am writing this letter to express to you my deep and heartfelt appreciation for the tremendous positive impact you have had on my life. I am truly thankful that there is someone like you spending his precious time thinking about, and developing methods his fellow human beings can use to live healthier, happier, and more prosperous lives.

I have been a member of your Neothink Society for almost four years and I have discovered the life I was meant to live. I now believe there is hope for all mankind to contribute to society in a positive way which will bring a rewarding sense of fulfillment to their lives. After reading your Prime Literature, I now realize the purpose of life is to live happily and prosper. Previous to being contacted by you, I was growing more and more anxious about the years passing by so quickly. I was playing out the back nine of my life, and quite concerned about what lay ahead for me as I grew older. Now as a result of my association with you, and other Neothink Society members, I am on a path which has brought me great happiness, personal growth, and a renewed jest for life!

I have read about, understand the principles of, and believe in your new Twelve Visions Party. I believe it supports what the “Founding Fathers of these United States” originally intended when they developed the Constitution. I believe that the Founding Father’s purpose of the constitution has been lost over the years with the ever expanding size of the government, and it’s involvement into citizen’s lives. We have lost focus of what “Government for the People” is supposed to mean. I believe the Founding Fathers created our government to serve “We the People” It was not their intention for government to be involved in every aspect of our lives. We were meant to be self leaders responsible for our own lives. It was not meant for us to be totally dependent on the government which is where we are heading. Because of you, I now take responsibility for my own life, and do my due diligence to research all aspects of my life to care for myself and my family. The Twelve Visions Party will provide personal protection for all citizens and at the same time allow individuals to pursue the lives they were meant to live.

Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do for us!

~ Bruce A.