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For most of my life I’ve been in a rut. Spinning my wheels trying to figure out how the pieces fall into place. Mark Hamilton has provide the tools to expand my mind, and understand what it, is I need to take control, of my own life. I’ve never been more Happy in all my days, at least that I can remember.  It’s time to shift the Power back to the people, and let them be in charge of their own existence, to see that we all want the same thing, to be free. And to love one another without prejudice, and to want to lift others up upon the same plain.  
I am greatly appreciative for all the words that have brought me to were I am in life today. Everyone should understand that Mark Hamilton’s best interests lie within their own best interest.  
Thank you, to the late Frank W., and thank you, Mark Hamilton for seeing this through..


hi mark!!!
Mark Hamilton i want to thank you, for me and my family for everything that you have done, before you came into our lives i was living day by day just waiting for death to come, with no future to think about or past to be proud of.
but now with your incentive and the books to keep me in the right direction, soon my family and i will be debt free and more in love that we were never been before, and i am back in school and some day i will be doing exactly what i was meant to do, and that is thank to you and your father. S.O.S, T.V.P, got into our lives to safe us, many thanks from me and my family, and from now on i am 200% behind on whatever you need me for, hopefully soon even with money. one day Neothink will safe the whole word just as it did for my family.