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To those with ears to hear,
To all who will listen, Mark Hamilton speaks the truth. He is willing to confront whatever forces may try to silence him in order to bring in a new age of enlightenment.
Like Socrates and Jesus, many will do what they can to silence him with extreme prejudice. They can only carry on their activities under the cover of moral darkness, and Mr. Hamilton shines the light of reason and truth onto them, exposing them for what they are – forces of greed, fear, hate and ignorance personified.
If you are reading this, then I urge you not to prejudge Mark based on what others may have told you about him. Instead, you should obtain and read his writings for yourself. Listen to his video recordings. Become truly informed.
Free thinkers, and those who will not be blindly led by so called “authorities” have always been subject to persecution throughout recorded history. First with trumped up charges and false accusations, and then when the public is driven to a mob like mentality, the authorities have eliminated the likes of Socrates and Jesus and others not so famous.
This is America, “the land of the free”, where every individual is entitled to have their own opinion, and to voice it. I support Mr. Hamilton, as a free thinker, who stands for logic and reason to be the guiding force for each individual, as opposed to blindly being led by others who wish to think for us and determine our actions.
I do not agree with the forces which would silence Mr. Hamilton, and keep the public in ignorance, sleepwalking through this life, keeping them docile, and blindly led, so that they can profit from their ignorance.
I have found the writing and teaching of Mr. Hamilton to be very informative, and I urge you to read his writing for yourself, and make up your own mind, without the propaganda of the media.
As Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Don’t be satisfied to be a small mind, learn the truth and think for yourself, as Mr. Mark Hamilton would wish you to do.
Thank you for hearing,
Elliot S
(Another Free Thinker)


When I received my letters to join Neothink Society, I had no idea of the Neothink Society.
I am a free thinker and when I joined Neothink Society it was wonderful to find other free
thinkers. Reading Mark Hamilton’s literature sparked my spirit.
I enjoy the Neothink literature. I feel myself becoming my own person. I started my life over and my life is right on course now!
For the United States to be the greatest country in the world again, we need to let all our people be free thinkers, become their own persons; become millionaires with the
Twelve Visions Party paving our way; for government to be protection only; government
allowing all people to grow, think freely, thus our economy grows and all people prosper, even the poor. All peoples move forward and live full and abundant lives!
I have moved forward in my life, confident of what the future holds for me and all mankind knowing of the Twelve Visions Party. The Twelve Visions Party is the political party of now and the future.
It is the political party of the people, for the people; allows all people to be free thinkers and gives us back all our freedoms; that have been taken from all citizens of the world!
I an happy to be a free thinker and I have never lost my vision of helping others be free thinkers.


He has made my life worth living and I support all that he does.
I have gained so much knowledge from Mark Hamilton and the Neothink philosophies.
It has shown me that honest people do exist. I think Mark is an asset to our Country.
He has shown me things that have inspired me to be a much better person and I have fed these fantastic idea’s into my family. I feel I received more value than I paid for.
It would surely be a big huge mistake to end his teachings and the Neothink population.
We need free thinkers in our life.
He has made my life worth living and I support all that he does.
Marie S
Edgefields SC



Being in the Society with Mark Hamilton has changed my life for the better. I now know it is okay to be the free thinker I am, and have always been.
I know there are many more free thinkers out there among all people.
I used to feel I was the only person who felt out of place, free thinking.
I am happy Mark Hamilton has chosen to help all peoples, achieve the status of free thinking, finding their essence,and much more. We all need to be lifted up and achieve greatness!
I am greatful for all the wonderful people I have met thru NEOTHINK SOCIETY.
We need to keep moving up and on, as we are to have Mark Hamilton- America a reality.
Margaret Levine