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Hi Mark, thank you for the wonderful literature I have gotten from you. your writings have changed my life for the better in many ways. I have been energized and found a new zest for life thanks to your literature. I am very happy to be a Neothink member. neothinking is one of the only ways we will be able to survive in the near future and beyond. along with the ten second miracles. Friday night essence, and neothinking we could possibly survive this catastrophic era that we are sinking into! it will be a battle. a battle that either side could win. it pains me to say that but i know that to be the case. we are out numbered and the forces of the anticivilization are abundant on both the far left and the far right. the left and the right are equally as bad. they are going to do things with there usual narrow minded, dishonest ways to try to stop our progress. they live inside that closed in bubble where all the dishonesties and misleading teachings exist. we are on the outside of there bubble living with honesty! we have got to persevere and endure!!! your friend! Jeremy


HI Mark Hamilton, about the Neothink literature that I have purchased from you. your writings are the best i have read. the only other book that I have gotten into that is close to your material is a book from Aristotle called ethics. your writings about getting through all of the many illusions of there anticivilization to get to what is outstanding writing.. cutting through all of the many illusions of the anticivilization to get to the essence of things as you know can take years. i have benefited greatly from your literature. once again mark as you mentioned in your material there are so many mental hooks that the anticivilization puts on individuals even when you do break through there corruptions, and illusions those mental hooks still tug and pull on you. luckily i have been strong and steadfast in my beliefs, the integrated thinking, and Neothinking that I have learned from your writings and meetings have helped me stay on the outside of the anticivilization. on the outside of the anticivilization is where the pure power of honesty thrives! also thank you for the information about the ten second miracles. I use them in my everyday life and they are a great tool to use in many situations. firing bullets of honesty into the dishonesty of anticivilization false authorities is very powerful! THANK YOU again for your wonderful literature. it is as good as it gets! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! YOUR FRIEND! JEREMY WILHOIT


Dear Mark Hamilton, I want to thank you for sending me the invitation into the Neothink society back in 2005. Since I have been a member of Neothink my life has improved in many ways. the Neothink writings that i purchased from you have advanced the powers of my mind, made me more intelligent, and have given me advantages in most situations, as you know my friend getting right to the essence of things, getting right to what is always makes things go much more smoothly. we do not want to create problems where no problems exist, that is a waste of time. we want to create values by getting to what is, like you so brilliantly wrote about in your Neothink books! I am glad to see that the Twelve Visions Party is moving forward. as you mentioned in your Neothink literature and the video on the Twelve Visions Party website the anticivilization is deteriorating rapidly. the catastrophic era is here and by using Neothink, going with my gut feelings, and getting into the intense meditations that I love so much i can see the collapse of the dishonest anticivilization coming soon. TVP is the solution to correct so many of the problems that we see now. your friend! jeremy