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My friend Mark Hamilton


Value Shield:
As a TVP® Warrior, I am an extension of Mark Hamilton’s values.
He and his Neothink® Society have provided me great value.
I am honored to have been selected by Mark Hamilton to represent his beautiful Twelve Visions Party®.
Because of my teacher Mark Hamilton, I am more disciplined and able to focus my energy on what matters most now in our world.
I have started the “Military School of Genius’s” and give full credit to Mark Hamilton.
His literature is what will enlighten others like me to step up and become self-driven leaders.
Kind Regards to my friend Mark Hamilton,
Ralph Merritt


Hi there Mark. Maggie E. Duke of Bethany, Ct. here. I just wanted to send along the first of a series of testimonials and a thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done.

I want to say, that my mentor, Mark Hamilton, is by far a superior human being. He teaches us how to build values for our communities and how to build up our own value system so that we, in turn, can teach our value system to others and help everyone and everything to move forward in the right direction.

Any attack on Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Neothink ways is, I consider it, a personal attack upon myself.

How dare anyone to even question the abilities or the credibility of this man and my friend, Mark Hamilton?

In 2007, upon the beginnings of my journey with the Neothink ways, I opened up “Angels Come To Earth, (c) 2007 a charitable organization for the homeless which I actually founded to help provide material and financial assistance via donations (material and cash, although the cash donations haven’t started yet) through my organization. In this way, I am helping to



Hello, my name is Brian T. McCarther and I have been a Neothink® member since June 2006. I want to personally thank Mark Hamilton for all that he has done with his Neothink® members and especially with the Twelve Visions Party® that will surely be something that everyone in the United States and around the world can look forward to.

As for a little background about my life, I have mostly been a quiet and reserved individual who did what I was told so that I would be able to be successful, particularly in school. I however realized fully later in my life that I was someone special and that I really wanted to accomplish all my dreams while also being as happy as possible. Although most of the people who were involved in my life including most of my relatives, they seemed to me that they didn’t and in most cases still don’t understand the real purpose of how a person is really supposed to live life and how life can be much more than what most people see it to be.

Anyway, when I received the invitation from Mark Hamilton to become a member in the Neothink® Society, I knew my dreams and goals could really be accomplished in my lifetime. I knew that I had been truly awakened into understanding what the world is really like and how people and society and supposed to function. Even if many of my peers and relatives don’t comprehend how my life has changed for the better, I know one day they will also be able to realize just how precious and magnificent life can be and ultimately should be for every kind human being on this planet. I know that one day life on this planet for everyone will change for the better (and continue to get better) and I am gratefully thankful that I can take part in accomplishing that dream.

Thank you so much my mentor and friend Mark Hamilton for letting me become a Value Creator in order to bring real and honest values to the world.

-Brian McCarther


To anyone who is in love with oneself and wants to change the world, all through your life you know that you are important, that collectively as a conscious thinking human being that you are the most important person in the hole universe, don’t you? Well if you don’t you should. let me tell you about my growth in life at this point in life after being blessed with Neothink and my true friend and mentor Mark Hamilton and fellow members who truly care about ones future, weather you believe it or not we are all in for a momentous change and growth in every country in the hole world, everyone is madder than dog shit in tax, everybody is demanding change, we as conscious thinking individuals all have dreams we want to achieve and will for we as conscience thinking people see through appearances and the lies that authorities have been shoving down our thoughts for 2300 years, huge change is here to stay, I’m here for the rest of my life to create values and help everyone I can to start living ones life and be free, and full of joy, and love, thank-you my dear friend Mark & fellow members i love each and everyone of you.