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I want to thank Mark Hamilton for introducing me to the opportunity to help my country, friends, family, and the world. I was born into a family of proud Americans. I was taught what it was to be free. It was only in my adulthood that I learned there is another side to that. I was told to stay as far away from the “system” as I could if I wanted to feel free. As time went by I learned that the IRS could destroy you. The tax system is a sham. The people involved will drain you of everything that is rightfully yours by making “Laws”. The court should be named “Hall of Money”, instead of “Hall of Justice” How many times I wanted to make a sign and put it in front of the court house saying just that. The media is one of the worst. We used to have REPORTERS that you could count on. When they reported the news they had researched it and told the TRUTH. Now all they do is destroy lives. They all think we want to hear BAD NEWS. Unfortunately, some people still believe they talk the truth. They manipulate where ever it suits them to


Thank you Mark Hamilton. I am so behind you 100%. I love reading and rereading your literature. The Twelve Visions Party will bring the new world in! I can hardly wait to see my friends and family happy and rich. The government have no place in business. It should be the other way around. I am sick and tired of what the government do to the people. My friends, family and myself are so ready for the change. Bring it on! I am in so much control since I have read your literature. I now have cash flow. I now have a house and new sports car. Things just keep getting easier for me. Let the new world come in! Thank you Mark Hamilton.   Russel Creamer o