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Testimonial for TVP

By Randall Magley II


My name is Randy Magley and my friends call me the Harmonica Man. This is from playing blues and rock harmonica all over the country. I have a great time doing this for fun and creating more fun. I didn


One day, I was just about to give up on everything. — I had had enough of not knowing what to do with my life. I was ready to give up a wonderful wife, two beautiful daughters, and a faint future with little awareness’s of prosperity. — The next day, I received a letter from Mark Hamilton. The letter told me things I’d been waiting to hear all my life. It told me that I was someone of great importance and the words on the letter felt like someone walking up on me, telling me to look at life from another angle. The hunger and thirsts I had for real living grew even bigger. I wanted more! — I ordered the three-books of Neothink and waited eagerly for their arrival. After I finished reading them — and even while reading and absorbing them, I began improving the way I saw life altogether. It’s been five years since I’ve carried those books with me everywhere I go, and my life continues to grow towards Neothinking. Today, I have the power to create my environment. Here’s an example how I use Neothink everyday. — When I’m around other people, no matter who they are — I ask them what color are their thoughts, I see the Neo-think at work around me. I see how easy the Neothink works. It’s fun listening to everyone trying to put a color on their thoughts, their actions, their words. Having the power to see inwardly, is fun! Now, that’s Neothink power. — Thank you Mark Hamilton for sending me that first letter that’s never stopped teaching me to live inside Neothinking. — This testimony is only an example of what I have inside me today.