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Over the past few years, I feel that I have been reborn through reading Mark Hamilton’s literature; and his life mentoring lessons has enriched my life. He has taught me to be a self leader and that I can be the person that I was met to be. My life has changed over the past year with the Twelve Visions Party and what it stands for is a better life for all mankind. I can see a brighter future for me, my children and future generations.
Mark Hamilton is a very passionate and caring man of mankind, that is trying to prevent us from destroying all the good and beauty in the world. He creates beauty. Example of that is the Sky Walk at the Grand Canyon. When he talks about health, wealth. safety and make the poor rich in the political platform this is for all mankind. The political system that we have is crippling us from advancing technologies in future. One Example of that would be in the medical field.
Some of the values that I have learn from Mark Hamilton is that there is abundant of wealth out there. That everyone can share the wealth and not just the few in the elite class.
To this day, I am glad there is a Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Visions Party in my life.
Otherwise, I would of never known that life could be more fulfilling and with a purpose.
Thank you, Mark Hamilton
(Ali) Alice Rinebold
P.S. I am not a writer


Hello Mark Hamilton, This message is to all our political leaders. Who are feeling a negative in differentiation about what a Wonderful World of Pure intellectual love, support, shelter, and security, and a abundance of wealth for all our future generations and re-generations of people throughout eternity. From the beginning of time this discussion of who says, or organizes a campaign, or restructure of governmental reprise. Or build new ways of thinking and new broadband challenges cultivating civilizations, The problem has always been a fatal struggle between the classes. Organizing armistices and filling the blasphemy of their most firm beliefs or disbelief in new thinking, and causation without representation of the basic of our foundation who organized the & US Constitution, and the Proclamation of Declaration. Why? We have struggled so many wars, so many tears, so many fatalities, because people struggle without the conscious power of survival in the discoveries of Neothink. The building “Foundation Library” of literal books of wisdom of Neothink by Dr. F.R.W., and Mark Hamilton is absolutely not mysticism. This literature is the genius of the most powerful thinkers we have in the world always. And took a lifetime of writing and rewriting by Dr. F.R.W., and Mark Hamilton. This literature is immersed in so much beautiful love for our creation. The World of neighbors of the Universe. Who take this message takes to millions of people, globally, who enjoy and are dedicated to rule out mysticism in the world of anti-civilization. Which is a realty of life since 2500 yeas ago. when anti-civilizaiton built on political/religious matrix of dishonesties
1. A person gains a calm and benevolent acceptance of the fact that since about 500 B.C., humans had no choice but to live, suffer, and die in a bizarrely -unnatural world-in a politically-and -religiously ravaged. civilization.
2. A person dramatically increases his or her toleration, understanding, and ability to function beneficently, prosperously, and happily in an anticivlizaiton.
3. That person can then profit from essentially any positive or negative situation arising from an anticivilation. How? By harnessing Neothink fully intergraded honesty with wide scope rationalities that undermine and then profitably exploit anticivilation deception. Such exploitations are processes of “creative destruction” withing today’s dishonest-and-irrational political/religious anitcivilation needed to build on honest-and-rational business/science/art civilization on Earth as described throughout Pax NT.
This is a seed of what has been written by the United States of America’s top Neothink Discoveries. To our Political Leader’s. “Please ,do not let this vital to existence precise intellectual vast knowledge die. If this movement would stop it would mean the End of the World. “
Mr. Eugene Brien Pacifico


If you haven’t read the works authored by Mark Hamilton, then you are not aware of what is going to be of your future, as a proud reader, I do suggest that you refrain from propagandized hypocrisy and giving into what “everybody knows” the current so called ” masters of the earth” are controlling the global financial systems controlling people’s debt and jeopardizing the future of our future generations, with Neothink you will become an independent being , free from mysticism , free from corruption and deception
Mark , we haven’t met , but I am sure we shall see each other in person in the coming few years.
I am sure there are plenty of alternatives to fight back ,.. like movies , music, more books etc .everybody in the Neothink Society that has talent of the arts can contribute greatly.. WE SHALL ENDURE THIS WAR FOREVER!!!!!!! FOR the sake of sane human beings.. if they blog we blog back, if they post we post back all the way.


Hi my name is Belinda C and I would like to share my testimony.
The information I was able to learn from Mark Hamilton’s twelve vision’s party and the Neothink Society has given me the resiliency to hope again for believing in the American dream. Mark’s information had miraculously been put rig ht into my hands by a women I’d just met at a local gathering.
Her hopes for life in general had been restored by reading similar material as Mark’s and went on to complete her life long dream of being a psychologist after she’d lost her left arm due to drunk driver. I believe that if more of the masses of people around the world that are provided the opportunity to read Mark’s material, it will definitely help them also restore their hopes and dreams to be given a chance to live a better life for themselves and their families also for future generations.
It’s time for a great change in our country!!!!
We the American Citizens of the United States voted for the first black President in history, President Barak Obama to announce to the world we mean business and we’re taking back our 100% responsibility for our own life’s and we will prevail in creating a much better future for ourselves to live a better life now and for the future for the well-being of ourselves and for our families. And the United States government will stand by it’s American Citizens just as they did when President Borak Obama was elected as our first Black/American President.
Warm Regards,
Belinda C


I first found out about the Neothink Society a few years ago. I was very interested in reading about the 12 visions and it opened my eyes to a lot of truths that I never thought about before, but I am now finding validation of them with the news and what’s going on in the world through the media. Mark Hamilton and his 12 visions has opened my eyes to realizing that I want to put values into this world also and help our society to progress in a healthy and productive way. I am grateful for Mark for having the courage to bring truths out that most people would be afraid of saying, but if we as a society are to survive, we need to become aware and to wake up to what is really going on in our world and to bring about the changes needed to improve it. I want these changes for myself, my family and for society as a whole.
Mark Hamilton’s 12 visions has changed my way of thinking on a lower, only-of-myself level to caring about others throughout the world as well and wanting the best for each individual. It’s clear now that by helping others we are only helping ourselves as well.
To silence Mark, his literature and the TVP would be dooming all of us now and future generations to a life of stagnation and desolation.
I applaud Mark for his courage, honesty and love for all of mankind.


The Twelve Visions Party means to me a life full of happiness, wealth, health and love, all based on individual freedom.  By having the Prime Law in effect, we will all have the freedom our Founding Fathers wanted for our Country and for all of the future generations to come.  It will be freedom for everyone, down to the lowest individual, because no one is more important than anyone else.

I have learned from Mark Hamilton what the most important thing in life is…Happiness.  I have learned how to achieve that happiness by living a life of honesty, and being a value producer or a value creator, and putting more value into society than I consume.  I learned something from him that is so simple, yet has the power to change any life. That is, you must keep learning and growing in your life, because if you are not growing you are stagnating and slowing waiting for death.  For many people their lives are so boring they just want time to pass quickly to get to the end sooner, the end being death.  For death has been glorified so they think death will be their escape and better than the life they have now!

If these people would only read Mark Hamilton’s literature with an open mind, they would see the honesty and love with which it is written.  His literature teaches you how to be a value producer or even a value creator. …Creating values for your fellow man.  Then you are not wasting your life, and waiting for a hand out.  Then your life becomes too exciting!  You also learn just how important you are and how valuable you can be to the world. It teaches you to live your life right here on earth to the fullest.

The literature teaches you how to use your own mind to learn the truth in any situation, based on reality.  Our current leaders do not want you to use your own mind to discover the reality of a situation.  They want to use the smoke and mirrors to keep people from seeing reality.  They use the media to get their agenda across because they know that the masses do not have the knowledge or motivation to dig in and discover the reality of the situation.  We have been lead to believe that the media tells the reality of the situation, when in fact they do not, they pass on what they are told to.

Our Country is headed now to a Socialist/Fascist Country.  We are losing our freedoms every day, the freedoms our Fore Fathers fought to guarantee us.  The freedoms all of our Veterans fought to have for all of us.   The Twelve Visions Party guarantees those for all of us, for it would return our Government to its proper purpose.  …To protect all of the citizens from initiatory force, fraud or coercion.  Twelve Visions Party would mean I would not have to fear my Government any longer.  I would be free to live my life as I see fit, as long as I am not putting force, fraud or coercion upon anyone.  It would mean that I no longer have to pay taxes to a Government that spends my money for things I do not agree with.  The Government would be based on a business structure.  I would then be able to pay for the services I want, if it is a value I am willing to support with my earned money.

Without the burden of Government, technologies will explode as the computer industry did.  Prices will drop; this is what will solve our Medical/Health care crisis in this country.  …Along with the Government getting out of the Health Care business, and basing it on capitalistic business principles.  We will also be able to get the message out that diet & exercise are the best preventative care there is not X-rays and Scopes.

The Twelve Visions Government will make everyone responsible for them, as nature intended.  For we all have that ability within us.

Mark Hamilton teaches you that with love and kindness and occasionally a bit of tough love. Thank you for changing my life, Mark Hamilton!

Teresa D



Dear Mark,

This is the first time I have written to you, since I prefer to process all the information before I develop an opinion.  I hope you are able to continue your work.  Although controversial for some, I believe the vision and mission of the organization has the best interest of people at heart.  I’ve enjoyed reading the Neothink literature and appreciate a fresh perspective on life.  I am convinced that the lessons within the literature make a positive difference in folks lives.  I commend you for dedicating your life for such a worthy cause.  I believe the basis of your lessons is to inspire and lead the common person to believe that they can accomplish great things, once they strip themselves of centuries of negative thoughts and fear.  These negative thoughts and fears have been instilled by the very people we trust.  Not because they mean to hold us down, but out of ignorance.  Although, there are always opportunistic people everywhere that will violate our trust (just look at the widespread corruption in some governments and misguided religious organizations).  If we are ever to evolve as a human race, I believe people need to follow your type of lessons and free themselves to become the best they can be without sacrificing others in the process.  Many people are successful but not happy.  Your lessons helps us understand and find our individual happiness.  At this time, I will not be an active participant in your organization, since I have my hands full in a successful career and helping my wife raise our children.  I do hope to get a chance to see your organization flourish and reach out to the masses to help our generation become the example for future generations to come.

Kind regards,

Walter C


Dear Mark,

Thank you so very much for inviting me to the Neothink Society, it has changed my life in so many ways. I took advantage of your offer and got the first of the heirlooms, read and was motivated to purchase the second, intrigued and inspired by reading both publications. Miss Annabelle’s story put me over the top in visualizing the picture puzzle and getting the pieces put together. I have never been so motivated to want to know and learn more. I felt exhilaration for the first time in my life, finding true meaning and hope for the future for myself, my family and the world! I always knew deep down there was more to this life.

The heirlooms have been life changing and the journey so far has been an exciting experience. I have been looking for something for many years and know I have finally found what I have been looking for. I am introducing the Neothink Society information to my children as their willingness to learn increases I look forward to passing Neothink Society heirlooms on for our future generations.

Before being introduced to this way of life I was very unhappy, my job had become stressful and unfulfilling, I felt I had no real purpose in life, the country seem to be on a downward spiral and no place to turn for true meaning and  purpose in this life.

 Now with the Neothink Society I have been able to use the tools from the heirlooms to think my way into a better way of life for myself and my family.

Please don’t stop providing this information it is the truth and the light that will change all our lives for the better. Thank you from the depths of my soul.

Pamela E

Mebane, NC


The Neothink® Society and The Twelve Visions Party® are like oxygen for me to live the life I am meant to live. In a time when so many people are looking for leadership, I have learned to look within, and grasp that responsibility to lead myself into a world of limitless potential. My unique values to offer society in ways of unknown quantity are unleashed to enrich others and myself.

The Twelve Visions Party will enable everyone the freedom, to meet and exceed the limitations that currently block others and me from achieving our goals and dreams. With businesspersons organizing our country and removing the “Career Politicians” and the overwhelming regulations that destroy so many business, medical, and scientific advancements, we can move rapidly into a world of healthy, wealthy, and emotional stability. In order for this to happen, our government needs to shift to a Protection only government. We the people are more than capable of taking care of our lives, and future generations.

The School of Geniuses is a foundation for all members to integrate and polish their essence.  The organization and value of The School of Geniuses has given me the opportunity to bring my own gifts to this society.

I have noticed more and more people are taking a step back and questioning the validity of not just the governments’ purpose; but also the media’s reporting of world events. Public awareness of Scare Tactics and manipulating hoaxes is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation for the masses.  The negative reporting will shift to one of reporting the advances and progress of entrepreneurs around the world!

 This past year has taken me to new heights of organizational skills; and, a confidence to succeed in many areas, which in turn, has opened doors to additional values and friendships. Thank you to Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society®!

Melissa S


Testimony of Jean Robinson

Receiving my first letter from Mark Hamilton was a highlight of my life. I had already

retired and was working part time. Being an empty nester, I was quite lonely and living day to day with little excitement and really not much to look forward to. Reading about Neothink was an exciting awakening with a sense of anticipation for the future.

I was not happy about life in general because there seems to be so much me-ism in society today and the greed is unfathomable. Neothink is about honesty and allowing individualism with everyone contributing to society for the common good.

This idea gives hope for everyone no matter where one is in his life—young, old, rich, poor, minority, or whatever. With Neothink, we can learn to trust our fellow man instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to avoid being “taken” by those with whom we deal.

 If society could function with everyone contributing and honestly interacting, our country could thrive and all could achieve the “American Dream” instead of a few who take all. The world could then be a place where humankind could live in peace as brothers.

Mark Hamilton has shown us what can be, a world of peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone. His Twelve Visions Party is the vehicle that will get us there so that we can live the life we were meant to live. Why would anyone want to live in this stressful, catastrophic, warring, hurtful world full of famine, sickness, hate, poverty, and deceit?

It is time to take advantage of the opportunity the Twelve Visions party offers to change the world to save ourselves and future generations from the destructive forces of those who have taken power over us and forced humankind into a subservient role.

The literature from Mark Hamilton should be required reading in every school in the world. Everyone, through this literature, will be awakened from the slumber of the propaganda imposed on humankind. Wake up, World.